January 17, 2015

That Awkward Moment When....

....your bookshelf seems to be throwing up books everywhere...

When I'm bored, having nothing to do (a.k.a procrastinate on doing my homework) I go to the book store. A very dangerous place for any blogger, book lover, addict whatever. ESPECIALLY if you have a bit of extra spending money in your pocket...

....when I'm extremely bored, I'll even do my make up, curl my hair, dress up...and go to the book store.

And my Barnes and Noble, is especially evil, because there's a Starbucks inside AND free Wifi.

So I'll grab a cup of my favorite coffee, and start to slowly wander the aisle of Barnes and Nobles. First the magazines and office supplies, then the clearance section, the children's section, every other section the store provides, and lastly the YA section. This all takes about two or three hours, and I enjoy every second of it.

Maybe it just me, but there's this feeling in Barnes and Noble. Maybe its the smell of the fresh coffee, the new books, or knowing that everyone around me loves books too. Or that you can just turn to someone (that you don't know AT ALL) and can start an entire conversation about a book you just read.

Barnes and Noble is the place I go to when I have no other place to go...or have some spending cash...

But after doing this a few times, buying books online, and at a few local used book stores, things can get pretty crazy in my book shelf at home. It starts off in your book shelves, goes to the top of the shelf, comes to your beside tables, crawls onto of your lounge chair, and sooner or later makes an appearance on your bed.

And even though these books are starting to take over my entire room, I can't stop. My biggest problem is, when a book is on sale or clearance. I want to read that book. I won't be able to get to it for a while, but I will sooner or later. So my reasoning is, why not buy it now for cheap, than later when it might be more expensive.

I talk myself into this every time I go to the store; its a very bad habit!

My book shelves were in complete shambles...and I'm even feeling a bit embarrassed to show them to you....but here it is.

(Don't judge! I know its BAD!)

I spent most of the morning, and some of the night getting these shelves cleaned, organized and anything I didn't want, out. 

(All CLEAN!)

Isn't that MUCH better? I love the feeling I get when something is REALLY clean. I don't know how to describe it expect, cozy. All I want to do now is snuggle up with the book I'm currently reading! 

My shelves are still pretty full, and I want to clear them out a bit more. But I didn't want to get rid of any books that I haven't read yet. 

Are you facing the same issue I am? What do your book shelves look like, at this very second? Tweet me a picture @turningpages11. I would love to see!

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