January 06, 2015

Book Review: Bad Taste In Boys

Bad Taste in Boys (Kate Grable, #1)

Title: Bad Taste In Boys.
Author: Carrie Harris.
Series: Yes, Kate Grable #1.
Source: Purchased.
Publisher: Delacorte Press.
Published Date: 7/12/11.
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"Someone's been a very bad zombie.
Kate Grable is horrified to find out that the football coach has given the team steroids. Worse yet, the steriods are having an unexpected effect, turning hot gridiron hunks into mindless flesh-eating zombies. No one is safe--not her cute crush Aaron, not her dorky brother, Jonah . . . not even Kate! She's got to find an antidote--before her entire high school ends up eating each other. So Kate, her best girlfriend, Rocky, and Aaron stage a frantic battle to save their town  . . . and stay hormonally human."


I'll be the first to admit, because of this cover and because of the title, I thought this book was going to be about a girl who likes "dating" bad boys. I was excited to see a YA book, where a teenage girl isn't always perfect, smart and/or shy. I was ready for a girl who plays the field and who couldn't care any less what other people thought of her. And I thought this book was going to be it.

...I assumed all of this without ever reading the synopsis.

After finally cracking it open and giving it a read, I realized just how wrong I was. This book is about ZOMBIES!! How crazy?!

*Note to self, at least read the synopsis!!*

Bad Taste in Boys is about a "nerdy" girl named Kate, who was basically invisible before she became the football team's helper. Kate is interested in medical sciences, so she enjoys working with injured football players and diagnosing them. The popularity aspect just simply came along with that.

After a very long losing streak, the football team has lost all of its hopes, and team members are losing confidence.

When the coach asks Kate to give each football player an injection of an unlabeled drug, Kate refuses to do so. Not only is she just a high school student with no experience, but she would never give someone a drug without knowing exactly what it is. She can't believe her own ears when this happens. Why is the coach giving the team these drugs? What are they? Steroids?

Kate knows she has to do something about this. But who would believe her without any sort of evidence?

Doing more research, and snooping around, Kate soon discovers that the players are starting to act really strange. The color of their skin is changing, some of them are getting aggressive, and some aren't even speaking English anymore.

Kate thought steroids were bad...but zombies are much worse...

Bad Taste in Boys was an EXTREMELY short read. And lighthearted in a zombie kind of way. It wasn't too brutal or gross, expect for a few feet breaking off legs, and scalps coming off heads. But it wasn't scary, so I could even read it before I went to bed.

Overall it was just a short light read. I wasn't too invested in the characters, or the story. For what it was, it was a good read.

But even after reading this entire book, and enjoying it, I still don't understand how the title plays in with the story...maybe because she likes zombies? But...she isn't really dating a zombie? So I'm still confused...

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  1. Great review. I admittedly read this one for the cover too even though I'm not a big fan of zombies. I wasn't a fan of the book either for some of the reasons you listed- I didn't care too much about the characters or the plot.

    1. I just felt like it was just too short and lighthearted to get invested in the story and the characters.



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