January 26, 2015

I'm Sorry! I Can't Help Myself!

As some of you may already know, I'm trying to minimize the number of books on my shelves. This doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging and reviewing, or will be reading less. This just means that I'm taking in (buying) a more reasonable amount of books, and putting out (getting rid of) books that I know I won't be reading again.

And if you've seen a recent book haul video of mine, I showed you a small clip of how clean my book shelves were....but I might have just lied a bit to you...because what I didn't show you was this...

I know! I'm the worst person ever! I mean who keeps a secret shelf of books, let alone two, that are crammed full of random books...me!!

Yup, Lisa, right here!

They're mostly random stand alones, that I've either purchased or received that I'm excited to read...but just aren't on the top of my reading priority list. Besides that they're also books that I snagged up for an amazing price, that I absolutely couldn't resist!

Why am I telling you about it now? Because I want to come clean. I want to completely honest with you guys about this crazy habit (addiction), hoping that maybe some of you could relate.

Do you have a secret shelf? Does anyone know about it?


  1. I don't have a secret bookshelf as of yet.... but I'm definitely heading that way lol. Mostly because my partner keeps mentioning how many books I have, so I feel the need to hide any new ones I buy away at least for a couple months. So when he finally sees them I can tell the truth and say I've had them for ages.

    1. Ohh, same here. Expect my boyfriend doesn't really mind it...until I recommend him books, or ask him to read something, simply because I enjoyed it so much. I guess he would rather me buy and read books, than try to get him to read something. And I mean...two secret shelves aren't THAT bad...right?



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