August 03, 2015

Now That Work's Over...It's Time To Work!

Does this title even make sense to you? It does to me.

I recently informed you, that I quit my job. I originally put my two weeks in, three weeks ago, but then was asked to stay and work another week, by my manager.

As of yesterday, I'm not a slave to their business, but now to my own.

Last week was pretty busy, and stressful, which is why I didn't post. I just wasn't here mentally with all of the things I had to do and get done.

But now that it's Monday, and I'm working for myself,  it's time to get to work.

I'm treating my Etsy shop, this blog, Youtube and social media like my new job; where I work everyday, creating content and merchandise...except for the fact that I can work any hours of the day, as well as have any days off for vacation, or school.  I'm putting all of my focus and energy towards it, and I'm excited to see what the future has in store for me.

Because I didn't post too much over the last week, I wanted to quickly update you on everything that's going on. At first I wasn't sure if I would share too much of my personal life stuff, like my job, my relationship, my family or school. But my mind quickly changed, when I realized that just a few months ago, I promised myself that this blog is mine, to do what I want with.

Last week was a pretty busy week. It was my last week of work, which in itself is exhausting. You don't want to go anymore, so you already dread your work shift the entire day. Then the shift itself is excruciatingly long. You're just not in the best mood, which makes everything even worse.

Besides dealing with work stuff, I also dealt with a broken printer.

YES!! I did buy this brand new printer, which looks like a tank, just two or three weeks ago, meaning it's brand new. It's made by a good brand. AND it wasn't cheap. One day it just stopped working, and I spent the next three days trying to fix it.

After those three days, I gave up, thinking I would have to buy ANOTHER NEW printer. My last hope was to call the customer support hotline, and see if they could walk me through fixing it.

Honestly, I could say that this phone call was the best DANG phone call I've had in a while. The two men that helped me, were nothing but friendly, helpful and kind. They understood that I needed this printer for my business as well as school, which is starting up again soon.

They walked me through a few different steps that may have solved the issue, but nothing worked. Because I wasn't expecting this printer to break so quickly I hadn't purchased the warranty, nor could I find the receipt to return it. But they were so kind to offer me a new, and FREE printer, which would be sent directly to my front door, by this Friday!

So why didn't I release any new stickers, even though I designed 20+ sheets?...well because my printer died on me.

A lot of things happened this week, some not so good, others absolutely amazing, so overall it was a pretty good week. I'm excited for my new printer to come in on Friday, so that way I can crank out some new stickers before Sunday. I'll be spending the next four days working on some new and fun paper clips.

I'm also excited to finally be able to completely focus on what makes me happy, instead of making coffee for grumpy people. I'm also excited to be able to attend family functions, birthdays, vacations, BBQs, etc, without having to ask someone else if I can. Obviously work needs to get done, but now I can do it at any time of day...or night.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am, and I'm so thankful that you all stopped by and gave this extremely long post a read!

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