August 14, 2015

Very First Clothing Haul...WHAAA?

Don't get me wrong! I'm no where, near close to being a fashionista. I'm a jeans, t-shirt and converse kind of girl. I enjoy flats with my dresses, and flip flops with my high waist-ed shorts.

I'm also not a bum, though I do enjoy comfy and cute pajamas on my lazy at home days! Who doesn't though? On those kind of cold and gloomy days? Whats better than some cute pajama pants, an over sized sweater, and a cup of coffee? NOTHING!

But I am a girl, who can't turn down a sale, or a shopping trip to the outlet mall.

(I'm actually scheduling this post ahead of time, so while you're reading this, I'm probably shopping my heart out at the outlet mall in Oregon, or sitting on a beautiful beach....or watching the Seahawks play against the Broncos!)

With school starting back up again soon, and the fall season just around the corner, AND the fact that I haven't shopped in quite a while (which is odd, I'm usually shopping every weekend), I decided it was about time I treated myself.

I did hit up my local mall, and purchased things from Papaya, Forever21, PINK, JC Penny and Aeropostale.


I love going into Papaya, but usually don't end up buying too much there. I love their clothes, but usually their tops don't fit my very well, in the chest and arm pit area. But occasionally I do find some goodies, especially for amazing prices!

This time I picked up a flowy dark blue shirt, with a floral pattern for about $8 as well as thin long sleeve sweater for $17, and summer flowy shorts that were on sale for $5.


Forever21 is a hit or miss for me. Some days I'll be determined and dig my way through each and every room, others I'll just stroll around to see if something catches my eye. If you've never been to a physical Forever21 store, they are completely unorganized, and the one where I live is MASSIVE! Two stories!

There I was able to pick up some awesome fall and winter finds! A beanie for only $3 and a scarf for only $6. I also picked up a big white knitted cardigan for $16, a flannel for $16 (I think?) and a pair of super cute and comfy pajama pants for only $10.

I also had a Forever21 bag hiding the back of my closet from a previous shopping trip with a white flowy, hippy kind of a shirt. I'm not sure exactly how much it was.

I was hoping to also get some knee high knitted socks to wear with boots, but wasn't able to find any cute ones.


These goodies are actually from the semi annual sale back in June. I completely forgot I had put this shopping bag in the back of my closet, hoping to save it for a haul. I decided to show you guys the cute sweater I picked up, as well as a few unmentionables.

JC Penny:

I don't think I've ever purchased clothes at JCPs...maybe when I was younger, but not within the last few years. I happen to stroll through though, because they had huge red signs, claiming to have an amazing clearance section.

I didn't find any clothes, sadly. Their junior section isn't very "junior", but much more middle school, filled with weird patterns and graphics. But I did find two scarves, originally $20 for only $3.99 and another originally $28 for $4.48!


I was actually able to go to Aeropostale during their employee discount sale, meaning everything was an additional 30% off. I was originally going to pick up two things, but decided not to, when I discovered what the real price was. It was marked at $17, but they told me that the price hanging RIGHT ABOVE the shirt, wasn't it's price. That the price of the shirt was actually ACROSS the AISLE....really?

But I did pick up this cute long and knitted cardigan for only $16. I was hoping to also get it in the maroon red color, but sadly they were out of my size.


I hope you guy enjoyed this haul! I've never done an official clothing haul, and would love to know if you all want to see more. I don't enjoy buying overpriced items, so I'm always looking for amazing deals.

If you want to see what I purchased in Oregon this weekend, please let me know down in the comments!

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