August 06, 2015

School Supplies Haul...Already?

It's never too early to go out and buy school supplies! Especially if stores are offering extremely cute supplies at amazing prices! This is one of my favorite and most looked forward to time of the year. I love clean and organized notebooks, pens that actually work, and highlighters that aren't dried out.

I didn't buy too many school supplies, simply because I'm a college student and don't really need all that much. Also, I had a lot of supplies left from previous years that I could just reuse, or continue using.

But I am showing you everything I plan to use throughout this school year, and hopefully give you a few different ideas.

Tip #1: Whenever something, like paper or notebooks, are on sale for an amazing price, buy them. Buy A LOT of them. Why? Because they don't go bad! 

Three of these 1-subject notebooks are from years past. And two of them I purchased this year, for only $0.50 each. Sadly there was a limit of three per customer, and I decided to give one to Joshua.

The cashier noticed how disappointed I was when I could only purchase three of the ten notebooks I had in my basket, and advised me to check the clearance sections. Not only informing me that they had 3-subject notebooks on sale, but also that clearance was an additional 75% off. So of course I picked up six notebooks, but only have three to show you, because again, I gave Joshua the other three.

Besides notebooks I also picked up two packs of lined binder paper. I usually don't mind paying more for packs of paper like this, simply because I want good quality paper. The worst thing to have it grainy, dark and dirty paper, that is so thin it rips whenever you have to erase something. I love the thicker, bright white paper, with the dark blue and red lines!

And finally, I also picked up three packs of my favorite studying tool; unlined note cards! I honestly can't go without these, and probably use ten packs every school year. They are so helpful, and so easy to study with! PLUS you can take them anywhere you go!

Tip #2: Don't do all of your school supply shopping at once! Spend the entire summer picking up a few things here and there! Store flyers come out, with different sales, specials and coupons, weekly, take advantage of those. 

I usually don't use binders. I don't really like how bulky they are, and some binders are almost uncomfortable to write in. BUT because this first quarter of school, I only have school three days of the week, and will be attending almost all day those three days, I decided this would be more convenient. Carrying only one binder is much less than carrying three notebooks.

I purchased two folders as well, for Winter and Spring quarter. I plan on going back to my notebook method once Autumn quarter is finished. With the notebook method I need somewhere to store handouts, and these folders are perfect for that!

Tip #3: This isn't as much of a tip, as it is a warning. Paper folders go bad quickly! If you throw them in your bag or have a lot of papers crammed into them, they will break. So it's your decision, are you going to buy multiple paper folders, or buy one sturdy plastic one? By the end of the year, either choice will cost about the same.

Yes! I do have my favorite pens and pencils, and here they are! For any kind of writing I enjoy the Papermate Clearpoint mechanical pencils, as well as the Papermate Eagle black pens. For note taking I usually prefer colorful pens, and this year I'm trying out the Infinity Pens. For writing in my agenda, I absolutely LOVE the Papermate Flare pens! For highlighting I usually use the Sharpie Accent. And this year I'm also trying out a Sharpie pen, and well as a retractable eraser!

This year I'm continuing to use my Victoria's Secret Pink backpack. I used it the majority of last year and really enjoyed it simplicity. It only has two big pockets and a smaller on in the front. I don't like bags that have thirty pockets, which is why I choose this one.

Besides all of those things, I have a few smaller items that are often forgotten but actually VERY important...especially if you're going to college or university. Those include a hole punch, a stapler, staples, a calculator, and sticky notes. I purchased this super useful hole punch that you can easily clip into your binder, that's perfect for the go. No classrooms in my university have hole punches or staplers and no one wants to carry around the full size ones, which makes these minis perfect!

Another tool I like using are sticky notes. I don't usually use this to study or take notes, but instead to remind myself of something. If my professor read the first draft of my paper, and encouraged me to add something to a specific part of the essay, I would write that one a sticky note, and stick it right where he said it should go. I also like using them to make lists, or arrows pointing at important information.

Tip #4: Sticky notes can be quite expensive, especially in office supply stores. I would recommend checking your local dollar stores, or the dollar spot in Target. Or even keeping an eye out in weekly flyers for sales or coupons!

So that's what I picked up and am using for this upcoming school year. My first day of class isn't until September 30th, but I'm already excited to go back!

If you want to see what I would take on a daily basis to school, how I study, how anything else school related, feel free to leave suggestions down below!

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