August 18, 2015

Top 10 Essentials to Surviving a School Day!

School is just around the corner for some, for others it's still a month and a half away! It is for me at least! I don't start until September 30th, which means I still have a few weeks of freedom. While I'm sad to see summer go, I'm also excited to get back to school and continue learning. As well as continuing to work on my degree, and to work on my overall goal.

I also love school, because it keeps me busy. I have a more strict schedule during the school year, due to classes, to blogging, to making videos, working on Etsy, and to finishing homework. Being busy feels REALLY good and I enjoy working towards something.

AND the start of school, means the start of Fall. AND the start of Fall means, it's the start of cute boots, scarves, jackets and layering clothes! AHH I'M SO EXCITED!

But surviving a day of school is tough. Weather, traffic, lectures, homework, tests, and practically anything else the universe can throw at you, are just a few of the struggles to overcome. So I've come up with 10 essential items to help you survive those long and stressful days of school.

These 10 items are things I've learned to carry to school over the last few years, due to various experiences I've had. You don't have to use all 10 of these things, but I do hope you find some of them useful!

#1. Stapler.

Many professors are very strict about having assignments stapled, and they should be. They have over 100 papers to grade, and don't have the time to find any missing pages in the stack. Some professors are so serious about this issue, they will even take away points from your grade if your papers aren't stapled.

Go and buy a mini stapler! They are ONLY $2-$3!

#2. Feminine Products.

All you girls should already know this! You need to always carry some of these unmentionables! They should be hiding in your backpack, in your purses, and even in your car! I'm sure the health building on campus may have some, if you don't have any. But you should always be prepare for your monthly visitor.

#3. Sanitizer, Chap stick, & Tissue.

Who wants germ invested hands? Who wants chapped and dried lips? And who wants to be the kid in class who is constantly sniffling, and sucking their snot back into their brain? one. Don't be that person! These three things are small, they can easily fit into your backpack!

#4. A Water Bottle.

My school days are usually pretty long, simply because I try to fit all of my 3 or 4 classes into 2 or 3 days of the week. Meaning a water bottle is essential. On an average day, I'm at school for about 7 hours, and I'll probably drink 3 or 4 bottles of water during that day. Yes, you can buy water in the student convenient store, but why? Why do that if you could save money and the environment?!

#5. An Umbrella.

Depending on where you live, you might not need this. But I live in the Pacific Northwest, which means it rains 70% of the year. Walking from your car all the way to class in the rain sucks. Then sitting in class all day, completely soaked, also sucks. And finally walking back from your class to your car, in the rain, just sucks the most...just bring an umbrella.

#6. Snack.

Again, this depends on how long your school days are, but bringing a snack is a good idea if you're there for a longer period of time. You can't go out to a restaurant during breaks, and convenience food can add up quickly and become pricey. I recommend bringing a banana, a granola bar, some nuts, or an apple. Basically anything that can hold you through class.

#7. USB & Printer Paper.

If you plan on printing from a computer at school, you need a USB and your own printer paper. A USB to carry your assignments from one computer to the next, and printer paper, because some schools don't provide it. Student convenient stores usually sell printer paper, but at 15 cents a piece. Why do that to yourself?

#8. Ipod & Head Phones.

You will have breaks in between your classes; a lunch break or just a class in between, that just aren't long enough to go home. I recommend bringing your Ipod and head phones, so you can sit down and study, or do some homework. Hallways and sitting areas can be pretty loud sometimes, so having some music playing instead is a huge help!

#9. Sticky Notes.

I need sticky notes to survive. I stick them all over my house, my computer, in my car, on my notebooks, every where. I use them to remind myself, or even to make something stick out to catch my attention. I love them, and would recommend them to everyone.

#10. Comfy Shoes & Hoodie.

Again this one might not work for all of you, but if you commute to school you can easily leave a pair of shoes or a hoodie in the trunk of your car. Some classrooms might be freezing, or your shoes might get uncomfortable after a few hours, you never know. Run to your car and grab your shoes or hoodie. There's honestly no harm in having these stashed away in the back of your car. Especially when they become a life saver!

I hope you guys can use some of this advice! I know some of it seems pretty obvious, and some might seem unnecessary. But honestly, on those days where nothing is going right, where you don't have enough change to buy water, your starving, your shoes are getting tight, or you completely forgot that your friend is visiting, these small things can become huge lifesavers.

If you have any essentials that I didn't list, please feel free to leave them down below in the comments! I'm still attending school and looking for any advice I can get!

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