August 17, 2015

Tips & Tricks To Surviving School, Passing Classes & Making Friends!

Hey guys!

I don't know if you're as excited as I am for school to start, but I'm DYING over here! Not only did I already do my school supply shopping, but I even went out and bought some new clothes! I can't wait to see what my new classes will be like, what I'll learn and who I'll meet.

Over my four years of high school, and my two years of college, I think I've gone through enough, and dealt with a lot of different situations, to give you all, ten tips and tricks to surviving school.

I'm leaning this more towards college, but many of these tips, if not all of them apply to high school/middle school as well. So take what you need from them!

Let's get right into? Or what?

#1. Get To Know People!

There are so many different opportunities to get to know people, it's amazing! When I was starting high school, my biggest concern was that I wouldn't make any new friends, simply because I wasn't playing any sports...looking back now, that is completely ridiculous.

You can join clubs with people who have the same interests as you! You can stay after class, and get help from not only the teacher, but classmates as well. You can go to office hours, or tutoring sessions. Some of these will be run by the professors, others are run by tutors, but still your classmates are battling the same homework assignments and the same tests, why not fight together?

#2. Stay Organized!

This one sounds like a big "DUH". But it's true. I'm an extreme neat freak, so everything needs to be in it's place, especially when I'm doing something quiet like studying. If my room isn't clean or my bed isn't made, it'll be the only thing I think about, while trying to focus on balance sheets, and t-charts.

Keep your back pack clean, and organized! No loose papers, no old food, and no trash. Get your school work organized in binders or folders. This prevents anything from tearing, or crinkling; you'll even be able to find it much faster! And finally, keep the documents on your computer all organized by quarter/semester, and by class. This way you'll be able to find an assignment, much quicker with out having to scramble to find it and freak out if you don't right away.

#3. Write It Down!

There are so many assignments, quizzes and tests. You can't keep it all straight in head. You need to write it down. Get an agenda, a planner, a note pad, make a "To Do" list, or even leave notes for you on your desk! Do something, ANYTHING to remind yourself.

The worst thing is losing easy homework points, just because you forgot.

#4. Be On Time!

Again, DUHH! But it's true! No matter how hard it seems, you need to wake up on time. Make yourself a little breakfast, and dress to impress. If you take a little time for yourself in the morning, to not only feed yourself, but also to make yourself look and feel good, you'll have a much better day!

#5. Sleep!

Your brain needs to sleep! (Thank You Mr. P in PSYCH110)

To absorb and retain information, your brain needs sleep. Go to bed early, so you're brain can do it's job....AND so you can wake up on time!

#6. Take Notes At Home.

Some professors upload their slideshow notes online. None of my teachers in high school did this, but so far, every one of my university professors have.

Take the notes early, or even print them out! Doing this allows you to actually pay attention to what the professor says in their lecture, instead of scrambling to keep up with the slides. Keeping up with the slides isn't going to happen, and if it does, your notes are going to be messy, and you won't even remember what you wrote.

Take them early, and just enjoy the lecture!

#7. Highlight & Bold Any Important Information!

Bring a highlighter or a stack of sticky notes, and whenever the professors says something important write it down and stick it on your notes. This can include assignments, things that will be on the test, important dates, math formulas, anything.

Write it down, and make sure it sticks out! This will ensure that you won't forget or over look something.

#8. Keep Assignments Neat.

Anything that needs to be turned in physically needs to be neat. Meaning no ripped pages, no crinkles, and it must be stapled. Also if your professor has a format they want you to follow, you MUST follow the format. Some professors are really strict about this, to the point of even docking down your grade if the guidelines aren't followed.

#9. Making Studying Fun!

Get a study buddy or a study group. Not only will this make studying fun, but it will also ensure that you actually study. When someone else is depending on you, turning down a study date is harder, than just deciding not to study for yourself.

Don't just study for exams. Meet with your study group once a week, or more. Do homework assignments together, or discuss class notes after class. Keep connected and keep learning.

#10. Take A Break.

Studying, going to school, and learning isn't easy. Its exhausting and stressful, so don't forget to take a break. Go on a walk, grab some food, or do something fun for a few hours. It's okay to take a break. Just don't procrastinate or plan to study the entire night before! Cramming isn't the answer.

I hope that these tips helped you in preparing yourself for the new school year. These are all things I quickly learned in the first two years of attending college, and a few in high school.

If you guys have any other tips or trips to surviving school, please let me know! I still have 2-3 years left in school, and any information or advice is helpful!

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