August 13, 2015

Update: First VLOG, Why I'm Frustrated and No More Canon Products for Me!

Originally this post was going to go up yesterday, and originally it was only going to discuss my vlogging adventure and the very first time I decided to record myself for an entire day.

But things changed, I got frustrated and lost hope.

As some of you know from previous posts, I've had issues with the brand new, and not-so cheap Canon Printer. It's the Maxify MB 2020, in case you want to avoid it.

I purchased this printer with my Etsy shop Turning Pages Co, as well as my last two years of university in mind! I've had my old and cheap Kodak printer for well over five years, and it lasted me throughout most of high school and half of university. It wasn't anything special, but ultimately it got the job done.

So why did I get a new printer in the first place?

With starting Turning Pages Co, and school in a few weeks, I figured I would be printing a lot more, and needed something bigger and stronger. Also the Kodak printer was old, and the quality just wasn't where I wanted it to be anymore.

So yes! I decided to splurge, because school is very important to me, and so is the quality of Turning Pages Co stickers. I want a product that is defined, bright and makes people happy.

But after only printing a few sheets of stickers, the first printer stopped working. I called the support hotline, and was informed that this was an issue they couldn't fix, and would send me a new printer, free of charge. A week later, it showed up at my front door, and I was dying to finally get printing.

I was hoping to crank out some new designs and add some new sheets to Etsy. But, just like the first printer, it just stopped working. It gave me a support code, and wouldn't allow me to do anything else, besides turn the printer off.

I'm completely frustrated, because this printer claims to be able to do so much, yet I can't get two of this type of printer to print more than ten pages.

I have over 50 designs ready and set to go. But I can't do anything with those designs, if my printer isn't willing to print.

So I gave up on everything yesterday. I just needed a day to cool off. My dad spent an hour on the support hotline trying to get it to work, but again they promised to send me ANOTHER new printer, but this time, they'll have it set up and ready for me to go.

I am so thankful for the friendly people who helped me at Canon. They have excellent customer service skills, and are more than happy to help. But I don't think I'll be purchasing any Canon products, any time soon. I've had enough technical difficulties when it comes to this brand.

I mean, how ridiculous is it that I've had two of their "best" printers, and neither one of them has last more than ten pages of printing? How is that even possible?

I love watching vlogs on Youtube, and decided to give the entire idea a go! I didn't want my first vlog to be of me, sitting in my PJs, sipping on coffee and blogging all day, so instead I did it on my busy day of the week...MONDAY!!! Dah, dah DAHHH!

Monday is usually the busiest day of the week, simply because I run to all of the local craft stores to see what they have on sale, and what new items were added to their clearance section. Also fall and Halloween are just around the corner, so I've been keeping my eyes open for that as well.

And since I'm already out and about on Monday, I usually end up going to the Bank that day, and the post office; to make sure transactions went through properly and to drop off any packages that need to be shipped out.

Vlogging is definitely an interesting experience. I didn't film very much in public, because I wasn't too sure if I was allowed to film in certain stores, or what. I don't really mind taking a camera in, and talking to it, people staring or questioning me isn't a big biggest issue was that I didn't want to be kicked out.

It was my first time attempting it, so obviously my skills aren't all that and a pack of crackers, but it was still fun! I'm uploading the clips right now, and editing it once they're all ready to go. I'm pretty excited to see what I come up with, and what you guys think of me vlogging!

I don't think I've mentioned this just yet, but I'm going on a mini beach vacation this weekend! I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and coming back Sunday afternoon. I'm spending two nights at the beach in Oregon, with Joshua and his family!

I went two years ago, and it was so much fun! I can't wait to go again! The water isn't warm enough to swim in, but the beach is gorgeous, the town is beautiful and there's so many fun things to do! Like go shopping at the local outlet malls, walk through antic shops, ride carnival rides, get our faces painted, take car rides and look at views that will take anyone's breath away.

After yesterday, and this entire printer situation, I could definitely use this weekend off. To just spend time with myself, with Joshua and with family. It will be nice just to hangout and relax.

I do however, have a lot of things to do before then. And I hope to make an entire blog post, showing you guys what I did there!

Thank you guys so much for stopping by! I hope I didn't rant too much!

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