August 21, 2015

Staying Motivated in School

We've all received an exam, or two, back with a grade we weren't expecting. We've all walked into taking an exam feeling decent, but once you're handed it, you completely blank, or none of it was actually what you've studied. 

I've been there! We've ALL been there, at one point in time.

Also, everyone has bad days. Maybe you're not feeling good one day, and it happens to be the day of a pop quiz. Maybe you've completely forgot to do your homework. Or maybe, you simply just don't understand the material. 

Trust me, you're not alone.

I understand how disappointing it is to receive a grade that you didn't expect. I know exactly what it feels like to work really hard on a paper, and to even feel excited about turning it in, just to find out that what you did wasn't what the assignment asked you to do.

At that point in time it seems the world is ending; it's completely crushing. Some of these moments have even made me ask myself, "Why do I even bother?"

But one bad grade shouldn't make us do this. One bad grade shouldn't make us reconsider what we're doing. One bad grade shouldn't make us doubt our ability to reach our goals.

Instead, that one bad grade should become a learning tool. That one bad grade is just a wake up call. That one bad grade is what's going to motivate you to studying harder for the next grade, to write down a reminder for you to do your homework, for you to read the assignment requirements more carefully.

That one bad grade, is what's going to make you better. Don't let it become what's holding you back, make it what pushes you forward.

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