August 19, 2015

42 Days Of Summer...So What Am I Going To Do?

I spent the first half of my summer break attending bridal showers, bachelorette parties, a baby shower, a camping trip, a Great Wolf Lodge trip, and even a Seaside Oregon trip! I also quit my job, and started my own business. 

(Pictures from one of the wedding we attended!)

Basically what I'm saying is that the first half of my summer break was absolutely crazy and busy, but also fun, and filled with amazing memories.

Now I'm sitting here, without anymore trips or vacations planned, until the beginning of school. I have 42 days of freedom still ahead of me, until I need to crack down and get back to studying and earning my degree.

There are some obvious things that I plan to work on...

1. Become more consistent with Youtube videos, and make them more often.
2. Starting blogging every day again. I miss it so much!
3. Provide new merchandise to my Etsy shop every week, as well as amazing customer service!

There are also some not-so-obvious things such as,

1. Provide better quality videos, with improved editing techniques.
2. Write blog posts, filled with colorful pictures, and intriguing content.
3. Learn how to take better pictures of my Etsy merchandise to REALLY catch the eye.

These six things all revolve around work, but there are also some things I want to work on in my personal life, and who I am.

1. I want to be more careful with what I eat. I want to delicious food, that is also healthy and good for me.
2. I want to be the same person I was before I started working at the coffee stand, before I was too exhausted to even dress up or do my makeup.
3. I want to stay on top of my cleaning, and keeping everything tidy and neat.
4. I also want to find true happiness, within myself. I want to be able to make myself happy, instead of seeking it through someone else.
5. And finally, I want to do something physically active everyday; get on the treadmill, walk my dogs, lift weights, mow the front and back lawn, something to get me sweaty and breathing hard.

Instead of going on anymore trips or vacations, I'm going to stay home and work on myself, my business, my blog, and my videos. I want to improve the person I am, and I want to work on what I love. And that's what I plan on doing for the next 42 days, and more.

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