August 22, 2015

Printer Update

This is just going to be a quick post updating you on my entire printer dilemma.

Old History:

Over a month ago, I purchased a brand new printer for about $95 plus tax. I purchased the Canon Maxify MB2020, in the hopes to not only use it for my Etsy shop, but also for school, which starts at the end of September.

As some of you may already know, from previous posts, that this first printer stopped working, after just a few days. Unlike my old printer, when there's a error on this printer, you can't exit the error message, to quickly fix the problem and continue on. This printer basically only allows you to turn it off and unplug it.

Once you've replugged and turned it back on, it's you against time. Whatever is wrong, or whatever needs to be fixed, needs to be done before the error message pops back on; which can be anywhere from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

After doing this a few times, I decided to call the customer support hotline. Turns out they basically "couldn't" do anything for me, besides send me a new printer.

So they did, and it came in within 10 days.


Finally the second printer comes in, I get it installed (which I can already do without even looking at the directions), and it seems to be going fine.

I walk into my room to grab my laptop, to install the wireless printing. As I come back into the other room, I am greeting by the same error message. AWESOME.

By this point in time, I am so frustrated. The first printer lasted a few days, and this one hasn't even last an hour. I ask my dad to call the customer support hotline, because I know I wouldn't be able to hold my temper.

They spend well over an hour trying to walk him through fixing it, but each attempt is abruptly stopped by the same error message.

Instead of doing this a few more hours, they inform us that they will send ANOTHER printer, but this time they will already have the printer set up, and the problem fixed, before sending it out. Another 10 days pass, and it comes in the mail yesterday.


I am greeted by the mail man, who also delivered the last printer, with the third Canon Maxify MB2020 printer. I warn him to never by this printer, and wish him a good day.

Thankfully, the printer is already set up, so I don't have to do that entire process for a third time, and just have to plug it in. I do, and also turn it on, just to be greeted, RIGHT AWAY, by the error message.

You have no idea how frustrating this is.

Again, my dad calls the customer support hotline to complain.


You're probably all like, "Oh my goodness, so what happened?"

Turns out, the third guy my dad talked to, ACTUALLY knew what the error code on my printer meant. It's not broken, and it's not trash. It just means that my wireless router doesn't use the same "route" that printer uses.

The employee on the phone informed us that quite a few routers don't work with their wireless products, because of this...and that the only solution is to use a USB cord, or buy a new router...

So to use this $95 dollar printer of theirs, I either need to buy a new $200+ router, or use a USB cable, which defeats the entire purpose of "wireless". AND by the way, the printer didn't even come with a USB cable.

A Few Questions For Canon:

1. If you're printer is only compatible with certain routers, one of them not being a Comcast Xfinity router, wouldn't it make sense to put a warning on your products?
2. How do your employees not know what the support code 6910 on a "wireless" printer means? Especially if it means that the "wireless" isn't working?
3. Do you really expect people to buy a brand new router to use your wireless products? Why own your "wireless" printer, if I need a USB cable to use it? ....a cable you didn't even bother including?

First off, I want to thank the third man we talked to on the phone. Thank you for clearing everything up, and thank you for actually doing your job. If I knew your name, and could contact your manager, I would tell them to give you a fat raise!

Second off, I want to apologize to the first two people on the phone, that you were put into the position you are in, without the proper training or knowledge. That is of no fault of your own.

And third off, I want to thank you guys for not only listening to my ranting, but also for being patient with me and my etsy shop. Because of this entire printer situation I haven't been able to produce any stickers

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