July 06, 2014

The ACTUAL July Giveaway!

If you've stopped by and checked out yesterday's post, then you already know about the good news!

...if you haven't....you're missing out! Go! Go and look at it NOW!

(I'll just sit here and wait for you....*5 minutes later*)

Okie doke! Now that you're filled in, it's time for the ACTUAL July giveaway! I don't really want to repeat myself from yesterdays whole explanation, but yes, there will be two giveaways this month, for two winners.

Both of this month's giveaways are US only, sorry Internationals, but multiple hardback books are pretty expensive to ship! But I do promise to have something for you all in August!


*You must be 13 years of age, or have parental permission to enter.
*You must live in the US.
*You HAVE to be a GFC follower to Turning Pages!
*Fill out the Rafflecopter!




Thank you so much for entering!


  1. i will be wainting to see what you have for us in august then as international.^^

    i don't know this series so i will have to check it

    thank you once again for sharing with us ( and don't worry i understand the shipping fee trouble ;) though i'm glad you aren't forgotting about us either^^)

    1. I was hoping to do something this month for Internationals, but I realized just how heavy two/three hardback books actually are. I wouldn't mind sending one or even two paperbacks, but three hardbacks is a lot! Don't worry though, next month I'll have one specifically for Internationals (:


  2. I didn't realize there was a Monster High book series. What age group is this for? I am thinking of picking this up for my cousin!

    1. In Barnes and Noble, you find them under YA/Teens. But without a doubt it's Middle Grade.



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