August 10, 2013

End Summer Read-A-Thon: Day #2 Intro

Welcome to day two of the End of Summer Read-A-Thon! I hope you are all getting tons of books finally read and off your TBR piles!

Day #1 Conclusion:

Yesterday was the first day of the read-a-thon, and I was determined to finish the biggest book in my TBR pile for this long weekend; Hooked by Liz Fichera. With a little more than 350 pages, I didn't expect to finish early and be able to read another book, but I did. By the time the night ended for me, I was six chapters into Monster High The Ghoul Next Door, by Lisi Harrison.

As you already know I started yesterday with a glass of iced coffee, and a bowl of peaches and cream oatmeal. Then I moved onto lunch, which was a plate of chips and salsa. Throughout the day I had milk and a chocolate chip cookie, some dry cheerios while I was reading, and for dinner my dad brought home Popeyes chicken! YUM!

A few distractions I faced throughout the first day include, having plans with both a friend and boyfriend, as well as having to do a few things around the house.


Currently I'm about one third of the way through Monster High and The Ghoul Next Door, by Lisi Harrison, so my goal for today is to finish up both that and the third book, Monster High Where There's a Wolf There's A Way, also by Lisi Harrison!


I haven't had breakfast yet, but by the smell drafting through my house, I can tell it's going to be biscuits, with nutella and jam, as well as mug of hot coffee. I still have a few different snacks, but it'll depend on my mood at the time I'm hungry!


Just like yesterday, Audris and I are both hosting giveaways and a challenge. Turning Pages is giving away a prize pack of The Body Finder by Kimberly Derting; a paperback copy of The Body Finder (signed), and tons of swag! Today's challenge is all about unscrambling titles! So be sure to stop by later when both of those are up!

Besides that I'll be doing a lot of reading, and lounging around. But if you need to contact me, I will be checking in every so often, but the best way to reach me is through Twitter at #EndSummerReadathon, @turningpages11, or Audris at @YA_Bookmark.

Good luck reading!

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  1. I'm about 2/3's of the way through my first book, Gunpowder Plot. In between reading I've been doing laundry and moving some furniture around. Hopefully I'll get the book finished tonight.


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