August 11, 2013

End of Summer Read-A-Thon: Day #3 Intro

I can't believe it's already the third day! I've been reading non-stop (well mostly) and finishing up books that have been collecting dust! I'm excited for today, and for tomorrow, to see if I can finish all the books that are in my TBR for this read-a-thon!

Day #2 Conclusion:

I started a little late yesterday morning due to staying up so long and reading the night before! But I did finish Monster High The Ghoul Next Door, by Lisi Harrison and got half way through Wither by Lauren DeStefano! (I don't know how many pages in total I've read so far, but I'll count them up at the end of the read-a-thon.)

Day #2 didn't include very much snacking. I had regular meals; breakfast was coffee and a biscuit, lunch was a McDonalds grilled chicken wrap, and dinner was left overs from Olive Garden. I did drink a lot of water, and juice. No real "snacking" though.

A few distractions that I encountered included going to the gym to workout (but I don't really count that, because it's healthy) and Pinterest.


My goals for today include finishing Wither by Lauren DeStefano, and starting (as well as hopefully finishing) Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz.


I don't think I'll be snacking anytime soon, but I probably will have a few sower gummy bears when I read later tonight! For breakfast I had a caramel coffee and a left over biscuit from yesterday. And I don't have any idea whats for lunch or dinner yet!


Again today we are hosting two giveaways, one here at Turning Pages and one over at YA Bookmark. And together we are hosting a challenge. So be sure to check out all three of those, and try your best at the challenge! Each correct answer to challenge questions get you another entry into the grand prize at the end of the giveaway!

The best way to reach Audris or me is through Twitter. We're both reading and only checking in every once in a while, so Twitter would get the quickest response. #EndSummerReadathon @turningpages11 (me) and @YA_Bookmark (Audris).

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