August 04, 2013

Blogger of the Week: Gin's Book Notes!

Grab button for Gin's Book NotesYour Name/Blog's Name: Hi everyone ((waving crazily))!!! My name is Ginny and I blog about my obsession with books over at Gin’s Book Notes.
Genre: I don’t really have a specific genre that I review. Some of my favorites are Contemporary Romance, Young Adult Paranormal, Paranormal in general, and Romantic Mystery & Suspense, but I love to read so I am liable to read just about anything except erotic fiction and horror…it’s just not for me.
Blog Established: I started Gin’s Book Notes on May 26, 2013 and it has been so much fun. The book blogging community is wonderful and I love getting to interact and share with my fellow book lovers. I feel as if I finally found my people.
Inspiration: I hate to admit it but my bad memory was my inspiration. I read a lot but couldn’t always remember what it was about a book that I liked or disliked so I decided to keep an online journal to help me remember. I honestly knew nothing about this huge community of book lovers and was beyond thrilled to discover that there are people as obsessed with books as I am. My husband is also thrilled since I now have someone other than him to wax poetic about my latest book crush with. Although, by the glazed look in his eyes I’m pretty sure he was never listening in the first place.
Coffee or Tea: Both please. I NEED coffee in the morning but after that I usually drink water with an occasional iced cold sweet tea or a Pepsi.

1. When reading, what do you enjoy sipping or munching on? 

I love to munch on chips & salsa and drink a big ‘ole glass of ice cold Pepsi when I read. However, my rear end tends to spread if I do this to often  so I try to limit that special treat to only a couple of times per month. Those are my favorite reading days.

2. Where is your favorite place to read? 

Two places actually, one is propped up in the bed with 25 pillows and the other is in the tub where I am assured peace and quiet. I’ve been known to stay in there so long that my husband actually comes to check on me to make sure I didn’t drown and that the life insurance is paid up…just in case.

3. When you’re not reading or blogging, what are you doing? 

I enjoy digital scrapbooking and messing around with graphics in Photoshop. I also attempt to sew. I’m still learning so the results are mixed. My favorite things to sew are stuffed animals, my dog’s love them. Speaking of dogs, that is the other thing that keeps my time occupied; I have 5 very spoiled rotten dogs.

4. If you weren’t blogging, what would you most likely be doing? 

Reading, cleaning up dog poop, or scrubbing toilets…pretty much the same things I am doing now but with blogging added in. (no picture’s here…I am pretty sure you don’t need to see a pile of dog poop or my dirty toilets.)

I guess when I use the words dog poop and toilets in a sentence twice that’s a good indication that it is time for me to wrap things up. A million thank you’s to Turning the Page for picking me as one of her featured book blogger’s and a million thanks to her readers who actually stuck around to read this sentence. I would love to get to know you all better!!! You can find me at Gin’s Book Notes at the following locations. I can’t wait to talk books with you.

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  1. GREAT interview Gin and YOU ARE FANTASTIC AT WHAT YOU DO :) :)

  2. I love Gins blog, found it a little while back and I am hooked. Thanks for the wonderful interview!

  3. Thanks Lisa for having me over at Turning Pages! Your awesome!!! :)

  4. Thank you Ginny!

    And thank you all for stopping by and checking out Blogger of the Week! Feel free to shoot me an email if you would like to become next week's Blogger! (:

    Again thank you for the comments!



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