August 11, 2013

End of Summer Read-A-Thon Challenge #3

It’s the third day; I hope you all are surviving! It’s been three days of non-stopping reading for me, and I’m finally getting some overdue reading done! Welcome to the third challenge!

*There will be one challenge for everyday of the read-a-thon, each challenge will be the same here on Turning Pages, as it is on YA Bookmark. So if you complete the challenge here or there, it’ll will be the same, and your correct answer will only count towards you once.

Each correct answer will count as one point towards the grand prize at the end of the read-a-thon. Everyone entering in the read-a-thon is automatically included in the grand prize raffling, but correctly completing the challenges will better your chances!*


-You must be taking part in the read-a-thon to be taking part in this challenge.
-Try to guess each story by the five given clues!
-Once you believe you have the answers, you must fill out the form.
-Please be sure to include the title and author of each book!
-Have fun and continue reading!

The Challenge:

Book #1 
Airplane crash. Published May 24 2011. Beauty. Comedy. Cover: Lipsticks.

Book #2 
Ember Miller. Published January 31 2012. Literature and media considered immoral. Compliant? Cover: Broken City.

Book #3
Echo. Published July 31 2012. Not meant to be together. Noah. Cover: Kiss.

Book #4
Love Triangle. Published November 30 2010. Cassia. Powerful government. Cover: Green bubble.

Book #5
Demigod powers. Published May 31 2011. Hallucinations. Helen. Cover: Ocean.

Keep us all updated, share what you’re reading and what you plan to accomplish! Stay connected with Twitter at #EndSummerReadathon

Day three is almost over! Keep pushing through, and finish up some of those books! Comment down below with a few distractions that have kept you from reading.

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