August 23, 2013

Book Review: The Clock of Life.

The Clock Of LifeTitle: The Clock of Life.
Author: Nancy Klann-Moren.
Series: No.
Pages: 364.
Source: Author.
Publisher: Anthonyann Books.
Published Date: November 2012.
Barnes and Noble.


"In the small town of Hadlee, Mississippi, during the 1980's, Jason Lee Rainey struggles to find his way amongst the old, steadfast Southern attitudes about race, while his friendship with a black boy, Samson Johnson, deepens. 
By way of stories from others, Jason Lee learns about his larger-than-life father, who was killed in Vietnam. He longs to become that sort of man, but doesn't believe he has it in him. 
In The Clock Of Life he learns lessons from the past, and the realities of inequality. He flourishes with the bond of friendship; endures the pain of senseless death; finds the courage to stand up for what he believes is right; and comes to realize he is his father's son. 
This story explores how two unsettling chapters in American history, the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, affect the fate of a family, a town, and two boyhood friends."


A little plain, very neutral and goes along well with the title of the book. The cover does it's job, but I'm usually one for the glitz and glam type of covers.

My Thoughts:

While the cover isn't what I would usually go for and grab, the author's description and various reviews I researched online, are what suckered me in. I love when I give books, that I would never pick up, a try and find myself falling in complete love with the story and it's characters.

I can ultimately say that this wasn't one of those books. I did research and found a ton of amazing things about The Clock of Life, but it still just wasn't for me. I do, however, see what everyone was talking and raving about in the story.

The story overall was a bit confusing to me, maybe because I found myself picking it up, putting it down for a while, and then picking it back up again. But I was just having a hard time keeping up with the different things going on in the story; the death of Jason's dad, the loss of his friend, and the entire ordeal with his mother.

The Clock of Life did have potential and I went in reading it, with a open mind, and high hopes. While the story wasn't for me, I do see why many others liked it! If the synopsis sounds like something you would enjoy, I say go for it; I think you will! Thank you all for stopping by and I apologize for the negativity; I always strive to keep my reviews as honest as possible!

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  1. Awww, I'm sorry you didn't like this one! I really enjoyed it myself, mostly because of the characters. I felt they were really the driving force behind the emotions I felt while reading. I guess that's the beauty of books, they give different people different experiences! I enjoyed your review!


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