July 30, 2012

Blogger of the Week!

Welcome to Turning Pages!

And to another "Blogger of the Week"! This meme, is hosting here at Turning Pages, every Monday. If you're a book blogger, doesn't matter how new or old, doesn't matter how many followers you have, and you would like to be featured here at my blog, please check out my "Blogger of the Week" Tab above!

This week's featured blogger is Debz @Debs Bookshelf! 

1. Debz, can you tell us a little about yourself, and your blog, Debz Bookshelf? How did you come up with the name? Does it have a special meaning?

I'm a random teenager with curly hair who reads way too much! If you've ever stumbled across my blog, you'll know that I LOVE fairy tales more than any healthy person should. My blog was originally called Darling Deb's Bookshelf, but then I decided to cut off the darling because at the time it sounded childish, and I decided to just make it Debz because that had been my nickname everywhere, and who cared if it wasn't grammatically correct? It's my bookshelf (although at the time I owned maybe 20 books--not nearly enough to fill a bookshelf!)

2. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would that thing be?

Maybe not about my blog, but about the blogging experience in general--I need to reach out to people more. I don't comment a whole lot, or chat on twitter much, and I very rarely get in touch with publishers. 

(I didn't comment a whole lot either, but I make it a priority to comment on at least ten blogs a day. Which may seem like a lot, but it's really not, before I even know it I've commented on 15 or even 20.)

3.What are your goals for blogging?

Reach out and read more! As I stated above, I don't "get out" much. but I'd like to change that. And I really need to catch up on my reading! According to Goodreads, I'm about 8 books behind, which isn't exactly the best place to be. 

(I've started to make a monthly TBR pile, and it's really helping me keep on track with what books I need to read that month, instead of me just grabbing whatever book I want to read off my shelf.)

4. What got you into blogging about books? Have you always enjoyed reading?

It was kind of an accident how I got into book blogging. I'd been running a personal blog for a couple months, and then I realized I was really only blogging about books, so I transfered all my bookish posts to a new blog, and just kept going! And I have always enjoyed reading. Gail Carson Levine is a childhood favorite! Once I started blogging, I realized how many more books I was capable of reading. With a way of keeping track of what I read, and all the awesome follower love keeping me motivated, I went from reading 20 books a year to 80!

5. What do you enjoy doing besides reading and blogging?

Singing, watching Disney movies, and baking goodies! (I've become very skilled at doing all 3 simultaneously) 

6. What do you indulge in while reading a good book?

Whatever goody I've made--be it cookies, brownies, or cheesecake (yum!) Occasionally I can even get away with taking a piece up to my room so I can eat and read in silence. 

(In the winter, I love snuggling up with a some warm coffee, or hot chocolate. But in the summer, I like being out and love lemonade on the side!)

7. Favorite fictional crush?

Probably Finn from the Books of Bayern because he's such a sweet, strong, sensitive guy!

Thank you so much for stopping by Debz, and for answering all of these questions! P.S. now I'm cravin cheesecake!

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