August 30, 2011

Book Review #45: Rian of the Elves: Welcome to the Spire

Title: Rian of the Elves: Welcome to the Spire.
Author: Erin Hassinger.
Format: E-book.
Source: Author (Review Copy)
Series: Rian of the Elves #1.
Publisher: Indie.
Published Date: August 2011.


"What if the person you loved more than anyone found it too hard to share their darkest secret? Samuel Mangus quickly discovers that his dad has had a pretty good reason to keep his hidden. A powerful Elf, Aubrey Mangus chose to leave his homeland long ago, taking nothing along besides his most prized possession--a mortal son.

For fourteen years, Sam’s life couldn’t have been more pleasingly plain. Yet, the last day of school was anything but that. His teacher sends a gift home to his handsome father, while he’s just had a conversation with a talking bird named Justus Sneeble. Worse than that, the Sneeble claims he’s come to warn him of something. Sam hopes he’s imagined the meeting, but once home is greeted by an evil creature called Recene. What happens next is too much to believe.

In Rian of the Elves: Welcome to the Spire, Sam meets new friends, each of them a different breed, each born with extraordinary gifts of their own. The Guild they form will be unprecedented and each has the honest intention of helping him succeed. Their Spire is the most magical place he’s ever been. So why is it that no one can tell him what lies beyond the plain, wooden door atop the Anteroom’s stairs? Oddly enough, Sam finds it more mesmerizing than anything else there. In the end, the answer is nearly heartbreaking and Sam must face the ultimate test of bravery and goodness on his own."


Erin Hassinger (a.k.a. the author) herself actually designed it. I think she did a amazing job! Every element within this cover, ties well into the story. Just looking at it, you could guess what it might be about!

My favorite part though has to be the font used to write out the title. It looks very out of this world, just like the story itself(:


Honestly in this book I didn't have a favorite or least favorite character. Every single person was interesting in their own way; whither it was their past, their breed, or the powers they possessed.

Once Sam (the main character) is brought to the Spire (his soon to be home) he meets a ton of new people. Sam even becomes close friends with a hummingbird name Justus, who is appointed his Protector. He also becomes friends with Leo, a half Mangus elf and half mortal who helps him through some dangerous times, but also Emmett, Laurel and a few others too!

Again I really like all of the characters, their powers, the different breeds, and how they interacted with one another(:

Story Line:

At the beginning of the book, you would never know Sam would be the Rian of the Elves. He's just a fourteen year boy, who doesn't really have friends or fits in at school. But when his dad finally comes out with the truth after being attack by a mythical creature (a Recene), Sam learns about a whole new world, and a whole new life he should be living.

Aubrey (Sam's dad), takes him to this new place, called the Spire. Many different creatures, from Faeries, Elders, Hags, Enchantus', Elves to tons of other mystical creatures live within this world.

I had a great time reading this book, even though I don't really enjoy staring into a computer screen for hours. I would recommend Welcome to the Spire, if your looking for something new, that doesn't have star crossed lovers or romance in it, but is filled to the brim with action!

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