June 14, 2011

Short Story Review #1

In my last mailbox, I received Kiss Me Deadly 13 Tales of Paranormal Love. This book basically consists of 13 short paranormal love stories. Not sure how to review this book, I figured I'd just do a quick and short review of each little story(:

Title: The Assassin's Apprentice.
Author: Michelle Zink.

My Opinion:
When I first started off, I was pretty confused, but that usually happens whenever I read short stories, because it jumps right in.

First meeting Rose, she seeking revenge for her murdered parents. The story starts right when Rose is about to attack their murderer, with a blade in her hand. But than someone interrupts her thinking, his name is Asher.

Does Rose trust him, when he says he'll help her seek revenge? Will they be together forever, or will Ashler leave, like all Assassin Apprentices do?

I really enjoyed it. I found myself wanting more, and even being upset that it was only thirty pages long(:

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