March 29, 2015

Clearing My TBR Update #1

Sundays are usually my book haul days...but obviously that's not going to happen when I'm trying to empty out my book shelves and clear my TBR...

I wasn't sure what I would be posting on Sundays from now on... I have a pretty set schedule in mind, for which day of the week which type of post goes up. And I couldn't think of anything, that wouldn't clash or be awkward between the other posts I had planned around Sundays...

Instead, I decided I would do my TBR updates. Changes in my TBR aren't be too big or drastic within seven days, but I figured updating you all weekly, with either review books that came in, books that went out, and overall the struggle I'm facing when it comes to this entire process.

Also I thought that this weekly update would keep my focused on at least doing something small, each week to keep pushing forward and getting closer to my goal. I'm pretty sure, if I didn't do this post every Sunday, that the entire idea of clearing out my TBR will get lost in between and under everything else in life.


This first week, honestly hasn't been too bad. I spent the entire week working, hanging out, or reading. I was busy and didn't even think of heading out to the book store. Besides that, I feel like the first few weeks (maybe even months) will be the easiest, simply because I still have so many books to choose from. But once my selection of reading material minimizes and I'm down to the last 50-100 books, I think that's when I'll be having some troubles.

I still haven't gotten rid of the 18 books I unhauled last week, which I really need to do. They're not sitting on my shelf anymore, but instead are sitting in the hallway, in two large stacks. I'm not really sure what I should do with them. I think I'm going to pick out a few that I can include in next month's giveaway, but other than that I'm probably going to bring them to my local Half Price.

AND when I do! I'm going to record the entire process!

I tried doing this last time, but didn't think to bring my actual camera and was stuck with my phone. The entire video was bad quality and about 7 minutes in, I didn't have enough storage space on my phone to continue...This time I'm bringing my camera, and I'm excited to show you guys around!

Other than that, I did find some more books in my shelves that I won't be reading, and will be getting rid of. But I'll save those for the next unhaul video and update.

...I think that's about it for me..I'm excited to see a clear shelve, with just my favorite books. I'm excited to decorate them, with cute book ends and knick knacks! And I hope you all follow me in my journey!

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