March 13, 2015

That Moment When Your Book Shelves Take Over Your Room...

You know you have a REAL problem when your books aren't contained in your TWO MASSIVE bookshelves, but are starting to trickle into your chair, onto your windowsill and bedside tables, until you find yourself literally sleeping in between stacks of books....

Sounds like a good problem to have...but I'm facing the facts, and deciding that its time for a change.

I've talked about minimizing the amount of books I keep and have been thinking about it for a while now. What drove this massive book buying, was finding all of these amazing used book stores around me, having a little bit of spending money from my job, and always getting books for an AWESOME deal.

So slimming down my bookshelves isn't a whole new idea that I just came up with, but is something that I've been considering for a little while now. This doesn't mean I will be reading any less, if anything I'll be reading more, because I won't have that constant pressure of having SO MANY unread books in my shelves, knowing they need to be read.

Instead of buying a crap ton of books, I'll just be buying when I don't have any to read. Obviously I'll still be accepting reviews books, and those will be on the top of my TBR, but when it comes to buying books, I'll try to do that only when I don't have any or only a very small number.

How am I going to accomplish getting my well over 150 TBR list down? I don't exactly know. I haven't really thought too much about it. I know people on blogger and youtube have done it, so why can't I? Right?

Initially I won't be buying anymore books. I just got back from Half Price and received my last order from Book Outlet just last week. I got rid of the urge of buying books, now it's finally time to start reading them, and getting rid of them.

Once I've started knocking some books off of my TBR, I will be purchasing a handful every once in a while, just to complete series that I've started. I'll read the entire series, and then get rid of those as well. I tend to read one book in a series, drop the series, and come back to it months later. It's one of my biggest problems, so I plan to just marathon any series from now on, unless books haven't released yet.

Besides that, I will start reading a lot of the stand alone novels that I've been collecting. I tend to read a lot of series, duologies and trilogies, but just never get around to reading stand alones...

Other than that I haven't really put much thought into how I plan on going about this crazy adventure. It sounds easy right? Just stop buying books and read the ones you have...but trust me, it is SO much harder than that!

Have any of you dealt with this kind of problem? Did you resolve it? How?

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  1. HaHA I feel ya. I have 2 1/2 tall book cases and they are filled with book. A lot of which I've bought over the years and haven't read yet. So this year I'm making it a point to read as many of them as I can. If I love them they stay, if I don't they go in the giveaway pile.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous


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