June 20, 2014

Vacation? Yes, I'm Back!

Some of you may already know, I went on vacation on Monday and came home late last night! I was gone three nights, and I missed you guys so much! While I did have SO MUCH FUN, going to a theme park, sitting by the fire, and spending time with my three friends and boyfriend, I did miss blogging!

It's weird to be away for so long, and not even have signal just to check in, or to see what everyone is up to. I barely had enough signal, to call my parents and let them know that we made it across the entire state alive...

Where did I go you may ask?

I went to a theme park in Idaho!

What did I do?

Rode roller coasters, camped out, grilled/cooked together, and pretty much just hung out!

Did I have fun?

YES! But I am happy to be home. Sleep in my own bed. And finally have access to the internet again!

So this is kind of a short post, because I just wanted to inform you all about these past few days, and as to why I haven't gotten the chance to post a review or reply to comments!

And if you were wondering, yes, I am still reading Gayle Forman books this week, and my first update post will be up later tonight!

I hope you ALL have had an awesome start to your summer, just like I did!

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