June 10, 2014

Last Day of Finals Is Today!

If you've been following Turning Pages, for the last three and half years, you know just how hard I try to post frequently. Especially since I graduated high school, where I did nothing but sit in art classes half of the day anyways. When college came around I was determined to focus much more on reading and blogging because I had a more open schedule, and I still am!

But if you've been around these last two or three weeks you may know that I've been falling behind a bit, not much, I'm still getting up a couple of posts a week, but just a little bit. I'm also still reading the same books I was reading a week ago. Well, that's because not only am I battling through finals week, planning a camping trip with my friends, working out, and trying to balance EVERYTHING else on top of that; its pretty hard to do.

My finals week consists of...



....some of this...

AND FINALLY a lot of this...

Blogging and reading isn't something I want to give up. I do so much work, and things for other people, but blogging and reading is the only thing I really do for myself. It makes me happy! It's fun to chit chat with you guys about books, and characters, and endings! Why would I ever stop?

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, kind of just explaining whats going on and letting you all know that I'm not going anywhere.

Today is the last day for my finals testing, which means I'm free for the summer. (True, I am taking a summer class, but that's only on Tuesdays and Thursday for two hours.) Which means I have three to four months of nothing to do but read and blog (...and go on a camping trip for three days).

I guess in a way I just want to say thank you for sticking through, these past few weeks with me and Turning Pages, even though my mind and thoughts have been almost everywhere else. After three thirty today, I will be a free women, and ready to get back on the horse!

Have you ever dealt with something like this? How did you get through it? Let me know!


  1. Lisa,

    It's so great that you are making a commitment to reading and blogging - a thing you enjoy. I have seen two fellow book bloggers call it quits within the last two weeks, both indefinitely, but one sounded pretty permanent to me in her "goodbye."

    I have been where you are - struggling to get up something. When I started my job full-time last fall, it was more than full-time. It was double full-time, if not more. I just could not do it, so I took a hiatus. I fully intended to come back, and I did. I was absent from September through the end of November, and that's when things started getting a little better for me at work. And since I teach, I also have a summer of reading planned!

    So glad you're not going anywhere, and that you're committed to something you enjoy.

    1. Awwwh thank you so much for this AWESOME comment! That means a lot to me. And I know what you mean, over the years I've seen a lot of bloggers just throw their hands up and quit. I don't want to do that, I enjoy blogging, writing, reading and just talking to people about books. I only have one or two friends that actually enjoy reading, so blogging makes up for that!

      I don't want to give up the one thing I do for my own enjoyment, because of everything else I HAVE to do.

      Again, thank you so much for your sweet comment, you have no idea how much it means to me!


  2. Your gifs are perfection. <3

    YA Fiction Review

  3. Don't worry, Lisa. We're not going anywhere:)

    By the way, what are you studying? I'm so curious:)

    1. I'm majoring in accounting, and minoring in education and mathematics. I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet, when I'm done, but math teacher sounds pretty good. But if I end up changing my mind later, I can always fall back on accounting and finances. And thank you so much for your comment! You're so sweet!


    2. Wow, I never thought that you would study maths and accounting. I don't know, but I thought you would study Literature, haha. But many book bloggers and BookTubers are studying Biology, Chemistry and other sciences :) I was good at these subjects in school too, but I loved foreign languages and literature more.

    3. Well I want to become a teacher, and reading/grading essays doesn't sound like too much fun. But I actually enjoy doing math, its fun for me! I guess it is a bit odd, being a book blogger and loving to read, but I'm going to school for math.



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