June 29, 2014

Audio Book Review: Because of Low.

Because of Low (Sea Breeze, #2)Title: Because of Low.
Author: Abbi Glines.
Series: Yes, #2.
Source: Publisher.
Publisher: Simon & Schuster.
Published Date: 2/7/12.
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"Playboy Cage owns the apartment, and he hosts a revolving door of people, in and out, at all times. Most of them are long-legged hot girls who are never there more than a night or two. When Cage’s new roommate, Marcus, enters the picture, he’s just looking to nurse a broken heart. But there’s one particular semi-frequent regular who catches his eye.

Willow—“Low”—is the one Cage wants to marry. But the two of them are night and day, and Marcus can’t see how Low puts up with all of Cage’s womanizing. What she really needs is a real man....like good-looking and sensible Marcus. But that’s going to get real complicated and real messy—real fast."

My Thoughts:

Because of Low, is the second installment in the Sea Breeze series, and follows the romance between Marcus and Willow.

Neither of the two are living perfect lives. While Willow has struggled through most of her life, and has just gotten kicked out of her sister's house, Marcus has had it pretty good, up until his dad was caught having an affair.

Willow is looking for somewhere to live, and Cage's apartment seems to be the only place open to her. She knows how Cage is, and that he chases any type of female to their bed, but she also knows that he will always be there for her. They have a weird kind of relationship, but Cage is very protective and caring over Willow.

Marcus on the other hand is moving back home from college to help his sister, get their mother through this horrible divorce. He doesn't want to live at home, so he decided to rent an apartment with a roommate.

Just so happens to be that his roommate is Cage. When he sees Willow and her extremely bright red hair, he can't help to realize just how pretty this girl is...but also that Cage doesn't deserve a girl like her.

The two quickly become close, when both of them start to spend a lot of time at the apartment, but both agree that they should respect Cage's position in this entire situation.

Things seem to be going pretty good, until Willow and Marcus discover they have a lot more in common than they could have ever imagined. It's Marcus's choice between his family or Willow....which will he choose?

....read the book...

Final Verdict:

I have to admit, that Abbi Glines's books are my secret obsession. For some reason I'm into the whole love, drama, and back to love again. I can't seem to get enough of it.

There are a lot of characters in this series, especially because new ones are introduced in every installment, and are brought back up again in later books. So while I guess you don't have to read these ones in order, I TOTALLY recommend you do!

Willow was down to earth, which all (main) girls in this series are; I LOVE it! I like her relationship with Marcus, but I also find her relationship with Cage interesting. She knows that he sleeps around A LOT, but she knows that she can ALWAYS rely on him. Cage and Willow have been close since they were young, and his position as her protector has existed since then.

Marcus wasn't the usual rough and tough guy that you see featured in this series; that only open up to the girl they love. But Marcus also cares a lot about his family. Even though his father cheated, you can tell he doesn't want to give up on him. Marcus obviously cares a lot about his mother and sister, but he completely melts my heart when he starts taking care of Willow's niece as well.

The ending? Don't even get me started! There was a MASSIVE twist, which I didn't really see coming, but that shattered, not only Marcus and Willow's worlds, but also mine. And then the real ending was so perfect and glued my heart back to where it originally was!

I love this series, and I'm excited to get started on the upcoming books!


  1. Think I've only read one book by her and didn't enjoy it. It wasn't bad, but I just didn't love the characters because they seemed shallow, unreal and the whole story wasn't really great for me.

    But I am glad you like her books:)

    1. I guess I just like it because of the romance...it's kind of cheesy, but I just like them. Have you read her Vincent books?



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