January 02, 2012

Winter Break and Now Back To School?

Howdy Ya'll!

Happy Monday? ...not.

My first day back at school was exhausting, I can't believe I'm up right now, just typing away and doing homework, that needs to be done by tomorrow. When I could be snoozing away in between my sheets!

My winter break consisted of staying in bed (in cozy and warm pajamas) reading a book, with a hot cup of coffee, or hot chocolate. Sometimes I would even roll out of my snuggly bed, and hang out with my friends or family!

Staying up late at night just to keep reading, watch friends or even play board games with my family, didn't allow me to wake up til after eleven everyday!

So going to bed at ten, not being able to sleep half the night, and than waking up at five thirty just to go out in the cold, and get my lazy butt to school, wasn't exactly the easiest thing! 

I'm so tired, and I'm ready for the weekend! If you're school, or work is starting tomorrow, I wish you tons of luck, and give you one very important tip; lots of coffee, drink gallons of coffee!

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  1. My school board made our winter break start later so it ends later too. I have this week off but next week we start. Good luck with school! It's exhausting, but you can do it! :)


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