September 28, 2014

Update, Crazy Busy, Scheduling, Whaaa?

As some of you may already know, last Thursday was my first day back in school. Even though I didn't have a very long summer break, only about a month due to taking a summer class, it was a very relaxing one.

Throughout the summer I found a job and spent all of my free time either reading, blogging or hanging out with my friends and family. The weather was amazing, and overall I had a good month!

But with school starting back up again, and because I want to start running (again, since I've been slacking since June), things are becoming a bit busy and crazy.

I have a lot on my plate and I'm trying to keep everything going all at once. I'm going to school full time, and taking an additional class online, I'm working, I'm reading/blogging, and trying to stay healthy. And in between all that make time for my friends and family.

My room, car and bathroom are absolutely messy right now, which are just a few more things that need to be taken care of...desperately.

If you've stopped by in the last few days, you may have noticed that I haven't posted any thing. No worries! I don't plan to stop blogging any time soon, but I did need a few days off, to prevent myself from going completely crazy and to give myself a bit of room.

But tomorrow (Monday) everything is going to be right back to normal! I've created a schedule, and know exactly what posts and videos should be up when. I usually have a general idea for the upcoming week's posts, but with all this other stuff going on, there is no way I will make it through the week without knowing exactly what needs to go up and which day.

If you guys have any organizational ideas or tips, please! And I mean PLEASE comment down below!

This post is just me explaining myself, and my absence these last few days, but also a thank you to all of you for following Turning Pages, leaving very kind comments, and for all your support! You guys are awesome, and deserve to know what's going on.

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