September 19, 2014

Powell's Book Store Trip!

Can anyone say "world's biggest used and new bookstore"?!? I can! POWELLS!!!

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend asked me to go all the way to Portland with him. And when I say "all the way" I mean the three hour drive that it took us to get there. It isn't too far away from home, but I've never gone and REALLY wanted to!

The reason he wanted to go was to check out one of his favorite men's boutiques, and just to do some shopping. But the one stop I wanted to make, besides walk around and sight see, was Powells! 

I didn't know much about it, besides the fact that it's a new and used book store, that has three stories and about 6000 square feet of AMAZING books!

When we got there, I couldn't keep the big old nerdy grin off my face! I was surrounded by the guy who makes me the happiest, and millions of AWESOME books! The look, the feel, the smell, it was all so perfect, it's hard to describe in words. There was honestly such a good vibe in this place, and so many people it was heaven!

As all of you know, I grabbed Joshua by the arm and dragged him straight to the Young Adult section...okay I lied, I have zero sense of direction and he actually found it before I did..

The YA section was massive! There were rows and rows of YA and these shelves were three times my height! I couldn't get was honestly one of the coolest places I've ever been!

And the best thing was that Joshua embraced it with me. He isn't a reader, and books don't really interest him much. I mean he has read The Maze Runner, after I asked him to, but it was nice to see that he enjoyed being there with me. I appreciated him for trying to involve himself in something I love to do; it meant so much to me!

Of course we didn't leave empty handed, we did pick up a few goodies!

(Joshua also picked a shirt, but I just didn't get the chance to take a picture of it.)

Powells is honestly the one place every bookworm should visit at least once...if not a few times! Grab a coffee, a snack, a book and just stroll through!

Have you been to Powells? Or any other book store like it? Let me know!


  1. Wow, it looks so nice. I love bookstores and visit my local bookstores almost weekly. Sadly, they don't have too many YA English books and that's why I buy my English books online.

    1. I love book stores like this one, I can completely get lost in them. I order online though as well! Sorry to hear that!


  2. That looks amazing, I would love to visit there!

    1. You NEED to! It was honestly AMAZING! And something I will always remember!



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