May 28, 2014

Waiting on Wednesday

Toxic (Pretty Little Liars Series #15)Title: Toxic.
Author: Sara Shepard.

"It's finally summer in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, which means afternoons at the pool, high school graduation—and the end of the scandal that has rocked the town for years. Or so everyone thinks. It's been weeks since police caught the notorious stalker and murderer known as A. But Hanna, Aria, Emily, and Spencer know that the real A is still out there. And as long as A is on the loose, nothing can ever go back to normal . . . if there is such a thing as normal in Rosewood.

Hanna is offered the role of a lifetime—in a movie about her life. Aria's paintings go viral, until her fine art escalates to the art of war. Spencer starts an antibullying blog but finds that her homepage is as dangerous as her home life. And Emily goes behind bars to reconnect with the only girl who ever stole her heart.

But these little liars need to watch their backs. They should know by now that A never forgives and never forgets. And this time, A is determined to bring them down—once and for all."

Release Date: 6/3/14.

Why I'm Waiting:

I absolutely LOVE The Pretty Little Liars series, and I've been meaning to catch up on them! There's just always something going on in these books, they always incorporate fashion, drama, romance, and friendship. And I REALLY like the way the colorful covers look, standing on my white bookshelf. If you haven't started reading this, I recommend buying the box sets and getting starting ASAP!

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