May 26, 2014

April Giveaway Winner!

Welcome to Turning Pages!

April has been over....for quite a while, but once again I'm only now coming around to picking and announcing the winners...sorry?

I've just been a bit busy, trying to keep up with homework, catch up with reviews, blah, blaahh, blah...excuses, I know.

Anyways, a lot of people entered and two winners were chosen! One from the US for the ARC of Perfect Lies, and one International winner for a book up to a $10 value from Amazon!

And without further-a-do (or excuses) here are the winner!

(Drum roll please!)

The winner of Perfect Lies...., Jessica @Peace Love Books!

The winner of the $10 book of choice.... Jessica Andrews. @The Words I Read.

Thank you ALL so much for entering my giveaway!! Didn't win this one? No worries I have another giveaway going on, RIGHT NOW!

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