April 07, 2013

Blog Tour: Out of Reach Guest Post!

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Title: Out of Reach (Wanderer #1)
Author: Jocelyn Stover.
Genre: Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy.
Pages: 296.

"You can’t escape who you are, but no one ever stops to explain to you the cost of discovering such knowledge. By the time Gwen learns that her fiery red hair marks her as more than just a bad temper on two legs it’s too late to make a choice. Catapulted into a realm she doesn’t understand thanks to the actions of those around her, Gwen is forced to embrace an unknown legacy and rely on the word of an old friend who is more than he seems. Will the price of self-discovery prove too much for Gwen to bear? And how do you save the world when everything feels just out of reach"

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Current Rating Averages (as of 3/5/2013):

Goodreads.com - 4.50 Stars
Amazon.com - 5.00 Stars
Barnesandnoble.com - 4.50 Stars

Guest Post:

How Out of Reach came to be

So why is this book here? Long story short I love to workout. Confused yet? I’m a bit of a workout junkie, and when I say junkie I mean five days a week running, toning, the whole gambit. I’d love to tell you the reasons behind my actions are health related but at the risk of sounding completely shallow I’ll admit it has more to do with wanting the magic mirror in my bathroom to have nice things to say about me. A little over a year ago, my running partner fell in love with an indie book series. She became friends with the author and decided to get back into the writing game. I was consulted to help her brainstorm ideas for possible storylines. So like a good friend I spent my free time daydreaming with her.

One of my concepts was for a story built around having to choose between your heart and your head. Do you do what feels right or what you think is right? As you know they aren’t always the same. Without giving too much away I’ll just say my BFF loved the idea but refused to use it. She wanted me to run with it. So during our evening runs we constructed to confines of my paranormal world and hashed out the details of my outline, which quickly progressed into an adventure that would span several books. Then in secret I tentatively began writing and getting to know the voices in my head. Once that flood gate opened there was no stopping it. Four chapters in I found enough courage to admit to my BFF what I was up to. Her exact words “This is great, no more writing in secret.”

I’m still a workout junkie but now my nightly workout routine has morphed into a therapeutic workshop where we can flush out new ideas, sort through difficult plot points, and just vent about our tight lipped characters.

Author Bio:

I'm a thoughtful, sarcastic, work-o-holic, mother of four. I must thrive on chaos because I've certainly built enough of it into my life already! I write during the stolen mintures of the day when the children are in bed or at school. When I'm not writing you can find me up to no good with my kiddos, or outside soaking up the sunshine.

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Thank you Jocelyn for the amazing guest post, and thank you all for stopping by!

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