February 22, 2012

Wednesday Words #1

Every time I read a book, I always stumble across a few words, that I have NO idea what they mean, or what they might mean. Which is understandable, I'm sure that happens to everyone!(:

I usually just stick a post it, on the edge of the page, and later when I get home, or have the chance to pick up a handy dandy dictionary, I look up the words and see what they mean. I love learning new words, expanding my vocabulary, and being able to use my newly learned words myself! I love it!

So I decided it would be fun, if I shared a few words every Wednesday, so I can show you guys what kinds of words I learned and maybe you can give me better definitions, or even learn them yourselves(:

Here are this week's words:

1. Omnipotent: Almighty, infinite power, unlimited authority.

2. Monotonous: Lacking in variety, having very little inflection.

3. Incentive: Stimulating, provocative.

4. Gluttony: excessive eating and drinking.

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