February 13, 2012

Valentine Ideas 4 Bookworms!

Valentines day is tomorrow, and I can't wait! I love getting everyone (including my parents, brother, and significant other) a gift! Gifts don't have to be expensive, ones that are homemade, and creative are more meaningful! 

Have a few of your own bookworms you still need to make or find gifts for? Well, here I have some awesome ideas(:

1. Make a cute paperclip, that could be used for anything, including a bookmark!

2. Make them a different type of bookmark, that actually goes on the bottom (or top) edge of the page! It's a cute, and inexpensive gift, that will always reminder them of you!

3. Or stick to the classic bookmark, one with a cute design, and a pretty ribbon! A reading addict can never have enough place holders, for their favorite books!

4. And lastly, take a few of your valentine's favorite books (or, if you want, buy them some new ones, they've been dying for, and can't wait to read), and wrap them in these cute homemade covers, and decorate the sides! You could right Love, or even their name!

I hope this post, helped you last minute Valentine shoppers out! Thanks for stopping by!(:


  1. Great ideas. I've been getting into bookmark making lately. Now i just need to find a guy that likes books lol

  2. Ahh! These are so cute. I especially love that last idea. Buying books for your special someone and wrapping them like that is so cute :D


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