September 07, 2015

What's In My Back Pack

While school is another three weeks away for me, others of you may already be in the full swing of attending classes, taking notes and doing homework...I'm sorry for those of you who..but look at it this way, you get out earlier!

I decided it would be fun to show you what I take to school on a daily basis, according to this quarter's classes and schedule.

There are a handful of things that I don't take every single day, but occasionally will! Those things include my laptop, a USB, and my lunch box.

Depending on how long my days are, and what part of my day they take place, I'll pack my own lunch. The university I attend doesn't have a cafeteria, meaning my choices lie between fast food, restaurants, or snacks from a student convenience store. Of course buying lunch and snacks every day quickly adds up and it's usually unhealthy, so I would much rather bring my own lunch.

I don't usually bring my laptop to class, simply because I prefer physically writing my notes, instead of typing them. A few reasons why I would bring my laptop include a large gap of time between classes, where I can do homework. Also if I have a class where I sit too far away from the screen and can't see, or if a professor goes through the slides too quickly and I can't keep up.

Back Pack:

To do a "What's In My Back Pack"...I'll probably need an actual back pack. I'm using a Victoria's Secret PINK bag that I purchased last winter. I love the color, I love the style, I love how comfortable it is. Also I love the fact that it isn't too "PINK-ish", but instead more subtle.


For this quarter, I'm using this two inch binder for all three (or four) of my classes. To separate each class, I'm using a set of eight dividers. Inside of my binder I'm also storing a ruler that doubles as a hole punch.



Pencil Case:

I decided to go with a bigger, sturdier and basic colored pencil pouch this year. Inside you're going to find the basic things, from pencils, high lighters, to pens. I'm also storing a stapler and some extra staples inside.


Personal Pouch:

In my "personal pouch" I keep hand sanitize, chap stick, lotion, feminine products, and anything else that will help me get through the day.



Two other essentials that I usually carry around, include my planner and a calculator. I love planning, obviously, and a calculator is essential when you're a Accounting Major, but especially essential when you're a Math Minor.


So that's what's in my back pack, what's in yours?!


  1. Gorgeous planner, and I love the glitter in your binder! ;)

    1. Thank you! I just added a scrapbook paper on the front and side! The cute designed binders are just too pricey!



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