September 12, 2015

Clothing Haul Part 1!

So if you checked out my last post, Clothing Haul Part 2, then you already know that I accidentally edited and upload part 2 before I realized what I was doing. I'm here today, to give you part 1, and I'm excited to show you all of the amazing things I found for amazing prices!

With the seasons changing, the crazy storm that cause a huge power outage, and school starting back up again, I decided it was time to do some shopping. Everyone knows the best times of year to do clearance shopping is when seasons change, and when school starts up!

So I went, I fought and I conquered!

I went to various stores including Khols, Sears, Nike Outlet and Target! Each of these stores had sales going on, so I couldn't resist!

Head's Up: Not all of the items shown in the video above, are displayed in the images below! I get way too excited and want to wear everything right away, so some things are already in the laundry!


This Dana Duchman bag stuck out to me right away, I love it's smooth and elegant look, but also it's practicality. Also one of the things that caught my attention was it's size. I love tote bags, but always find myself struggling with their large size. This Dana Buchman bag is perfect for anyone looking for a tote, that isn't massive!

I found a link on if you're interested!

I purchased this second bag with the idea that I would carry my laptop to school in this bag! I couldn't find any bright and fun laptop cases, so decided to go with a stylish bag! This one is from Sears, but I sadly couldn't find it online!


The maroon 3/4 length sleeve sweater was a find from Sears, for only $10.00. I've already worn and washed it, and couldn't be any happier about it! The salmon colored shirt in the middle, is also from Sears, and was also $10.00. The orange hoodie on the right is one of the two purchases I made from the Nike Outlet. I love it's bright and vibrant color!


Sadly I already wore two of the five amazing Target clearance items I purchased, but here are the other three. This extremely cute and sheer kimono, and these thinly knitted, half sleeve, cardigans! I won't be able to get much use from the kimono this year, but these cardigans will come handy!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my blog! I hope you enjoyed and I hope I inspired you to dig through all of your clearance sections! Leave a link down below if you've recently found some gems for awesome prices!

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