July 05, 2015

Technical Difficulties....SO SAD!

As some of you may know, I opened my Etsy sticker store on July 1st. Some of you may also know that I'm been struggling with everything, from getting the Cricut program downloaded on my computer, to many, many other small bumps in the road.

Originally this post was going to be fun, happy, and filled with pictures of the new stickers being released on Turning Pages Co. But as things turn out, my Cricut machine is not working.

I can plug it in, and my computer recognizes that it's there. But when I get onto Cricut Design Space and try to get the machine to cut, Design Space doesn't recongize my cutter, and keeps giving me the same message that the Shockwave Plugin is busy or unresponsive.

I've been struggling with this issue for the last three days now, and don't know what else to do. I've tried everything that has been recommended online, I've tried deleting everything and reloading it, I've done everything.

I'm absolutely frustrated, and exhausted from this machine.

I tried calling the Cricut hotline, but sadly they're closed for the holiday. I'll be calling again tomorrow, to see if they could help me with this issue.

If they can't I basically wasted my money, and only had the machine for about a week and a half. I'll also have to spend money to buy a different machine, and it'll delay the release of new stickers. But I'll most likely buy the new machine that day, in the hopes of having everything up and running again soon.

So if you noticed that nothing went up on youtube or this blog on Friday, well now you know. I spent the entire day trying to prepare for today, and got nothing else done.

This post isn't very long, and that's because I'm in a crummy mood, because nothing ever seems to run smoothly for me. I'm just stuck in a rut, and hoping that calling Cricut tomorrow will help resolve this issue.

Thank you all for being so patient for me, and I hope I didn't bum you guys out too much!

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