February 17, 2015

Most Awkward/Hilarious Book Store Experience EVER!

And thank goodness it didn't happen to me.

Where should I start? Hmm..

I just came home from work, hopped into the shower, and was just taking my time getting ready to go to bed. I was all fresh and clean, feeling good and dying to lay down to read. Until I got a text message from my best friend Shawnee @ YA Fiction Review.

Before I continue, I want to tell you, that we always send each other random text messages, so this isn't weird at all.

She was basically asking me to go to Trampoline Nation, at nine o clock at night. The fact that it was this late, wasn't the problem. I LOVE going there, and would usually have said yes. But because I just got out the shower, I didn't want to go sweat up a storm, and then have to come back home to take another shower.

Instead I asked if she wanted to go to our favorite used bookstore. Its the best place ever because they're open so late! LOVE. AND of course she can't deny the offer, so we go.

With no particular book in mind, and not too much money on hand, we stroll through the store, just having a good time, being weird, commenting on ugly covers, or stories that we didn't like. We always do this, so its a completely normal night.

As I'm in one aisle searching online to see if this book is the first book in the series, Shawnee lets me know that she's going to head over to a different section. I'm still researching, and thinking "why don't people just put the book numbers on the book somewhere", when I hear this guy talking extremely loud. And Shawnee responding to everything he's saying. At first I'm trying to figure out who it might be, and why in the world is he having the loudest conversation in a book store? Rude..

Being the best friend that I am, and having no clue who this could be, I had to investigate. I didn't want to intrude, because Shawnee doesn't have a boyfriend, and I've been trying to get her to date for years now. But of course I'm nosey and at least want to see what he looks like, so I walk past and try to seem as "normal" and oblivious as possible.

But things don't turn out that way when I see the guy has Shawnee cornered, asking her weird questions like how old she is, where she attends school, and if he could have her phone number, so they could get coffee sometime. Weird? It gets worse...he asked Shawnee what me and her were doing at this bookstore; Shawnee's response was that we were hanging out....then he had the audacity to ask why we just "hangout" in a bookstore....

He may have been sixteen years old, and the look on Shawnees face was priceless. I couldn't help but to make weird eye contact with her and almost burst out laughing. There was NO WAY IN HECK I was walking into that conversation, so I just continued to the YA section, trying to act like nothing happened.

After just a few seconds Shawnee shows up, telling me how a best friend would have jumped in and helped out. I couldn't wipe the smile of my face, explaining that I didn't want to interrupt, and that she looked like she was having a good time; knowing damn well that she wasn't.

It was a good trip to the book store, even though neither one of us decided to buy anything...every single time we go to that book store now, I always tell Shawnee not get her hopes up, and that he probably won't be there this time.

P.S. Random guy, if you're reading this, I give you mad props for coming up to her and talking to Shawnee. I know I would never have the guts to do that, so you're a very brave man (boy?). We hope to run into you at the store some time soon...and YES WE DO HANGOUT AT THE BOOK STORE! GOSH!

Have you had any awkward experiences at the book store? Let me know down below I would LOVE to hear them!!


  1. Hahaha! That is so great!

    I haven't had any awkward experiences in a bookstore, but outside of the UW bookshop a guy asked me to stop so that he could talk to me. He had the audacity to rag on Twilight after I said we were going to a vampire book signing (he even asked if my friend or I was the author), and then he asked me out. Gosh, it was so embarrassing.

    1. Hahahaha, I don't know what I would have done in that situation. He was being a jerk, and then trying to ask you out, awkward. I've had a few awkward experiences, but I'm usually pretty good at avoiding them.



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