March 17, 2014

It's Monday, What Am I Reading?

Phoenix Island
Title: Phoenix Island.
Author: John Dixon.

"The judge told Carl that one day he'd have to decide exactly what kind of person he would become. But on Phoenix Island, the choice will be made for him.

A champion boxer with a sharp hook and a short temper, sixteen-year-old Carl Freeman has been shuffled from foster home to foster home. He can't seem to stay out of trouble, using his fists to defend weaker classmates from bullies. His latest incident sends his opponent to the emergency room, and now the court is sending Carl to the worst place on earth: Phoenix Island. 

Classified as a terminal facility, it's the end of the line for delinquents who have no home, no family, and no future. Located somewhere far off the coast of the United States and immune to its laws, the island is a grueling Spartan-style boot camp run by sadistic drill sergeants who show no mercy to their young, orphan trainees. Sentenced to stay until his eighteenth birthday, Carl plans to play by the rules, so he makes friends with his wisecracking bunkmate, Ross, and a mysterious gray-eyed girl named Octavia. But he makes enemies, too, and after a few rough scrapes, he earns himself the nickname "Hollywood" as well as a string of punishments, including a brutal night in the sweatbox. But that's nothing compared to what awaits him in the Chop Shop: a secret government lab where Carl is given something he never dreamed of. 

A new life. . . . 

A new body. A new brain. 

Gifts from the fatherly Old Man, who wants to transform Carl into something he's not sure he wants to become. 

For this is no ordinary government project. Phoenix Island is ground zero for the future of combat intelligence. 

And for Carl, it's just the beginning. . ."

My Thoughts So Far:

As some of you might know, I absolutely love listening to audio books! Especially when I'm at home, doing homework or cleaning! I mean, what's better than getting work done, and listening to a hands free book while doing it?

I'm exactly three hours and thirty minutes into this one, and so's different. I'ts not the usual audio book I would pick out, since I usually go for the Abbi Glines kind of books, but it's really interesting! Carl is used to getting in fights, and used to getting in trouble for being in fights. But never did he think he would be sent to Phoenix Island, out of the country, with a whole troop of orphans, training like the military.

When the island out of the country and so far out of the way from any civilization, it seems that the people running this camp, can basically do anything...they're troubled orphans, who would be looking for them? Especially on this island in the middle of nowhereville.

Waiting on the Sidelines (Waiting on the Sidelines, #1)
Title: Waiting on the Sidelines.
Author: Ginger Scott.

"Nolan Lennox had things figured out. Named after a baseball legend, she enjoyed being the Tomboy, her closet filled with her brother’s hand-me-downs, cut-off jeans and soccer shorts. But when her first trip to high school results in a broken heart from the first boy to ever make her heart flutter and cruel words from an older girl she once thought a family friend, Nolan starts to question the very person she thought she was and wonders if her humble upbringing can compete with the afforded luxuries of her privileged peers.

Throughout the next four years, Nolan struggles to maintain herself throughout her path of discovery, learning just how cruel teenagers can be through the pressures of underage drinking, sexuality and class. And despite how life seems to continue to work against her, she still manages to listen to her heart, falling deeper and deeper for the guy the entire town adores, even if he only sees her as a friend. Can Nolan strike a compromise between her own integrity and the boy she loves? And can she make him notice her before it’s too late?

Reed Johnson came to Coolidge High School with a lot of fanfare. The son of a hometown football legend and the brother of a local football hero, Reed wore all the pressures of carrying a town without hope into the spotlight. Thankfully, he had the talent to back it up. But when he meets a girl who makes him think twice about exactly what being a hero means, he starts to wonder if following in his brother’s footsteps might be all wrong. 

Nolan Lennox was everything that was opposite of expected. She didn’t flirt, she didn’t drink and she didn’t sleep around. Nothing about her was easy, but something about her made Reed want to try harder. Though she didn’t look the part, she seemed to be spending a lot of time in Reed’s thoughts, and he wondered if she could be the one who made it all worthwhile. But could Reed handle letting her down? And would breaking her heart break him beyond repair?"

My Thoughts So Far:

I haven't gotten all that far into this one just yet. But only a couple of chapters in, I already find the main character down to earth. I like Nolan, and I'm excited to see what Waiting on the Sidelines has in store for her!


  1. Phoenix Island sounds terrifying to me! I made it a goal to listen to more audiobooks this year, so far I'm failing miserably…

    1. I listen to maybe two or three a month, so not too many. But I listen to them while I'm cleaning, doing homework, or cooking. I don't just sit around and listen to one, if that makes sense. Next time you clean, pick an audio book, and turn up the volume! (:


  2. Never heard of these two books. That's what I love book blogging - you always discover new books. Happy reading to you!

    1. I know! But it hurts my SO much! Haha! (:



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