January 14, 2014

Hard or Paper? Its Your Decision!

This is a question that runs through my head every single time I'm purchasing a book, do I buy the hardback cover, or do I wait until it releases in paperback, or if the paperback is already out, do I buy that one and spend only half of what a hardcover costs?

Looking at my shelf, you can see a wide array of different book formats! While I prefer hardback, paperback just seems practical in more ways (besides the release date!).

What I love most about the hard versions of books is that they last longer, the pages (especially the cover) doesn't get bent, and I can just take the dust jacket off and worry about nothing. But soft covers are much lowers in price, and I can fit more on my book shelf.

Do you see what I'm dealing with here??! This or that! I can't seem to pick! They both always look amazing, and if I could I would buy both versions!...okay, ACTUALLY I'm lying about that. 

Comparison TIME!

Hardback & Paperback

So even after making this list I can't decide. I guess I'll just keep sticking to what I'm doing now, and that's just what pleases me at the moment of purchase. I guess I'll never be able to just "pick"...ughh #bookbloggerprobs...

Is anyone else dealing with this same issue? Which format of books are you purchasing?!

(This picture doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I just thought they were really cute...DAWW'H!)


  1. I use to think all I wanted was Hardcover until I purchased my first paperback and then I realized how much easier holding a paperback is. However, I do base it off of the series I've already purchased. If most of the books in my series that I currently own are either paperback or hardcover, then ALL the books have to be that. I really do no like have half the series in hardcover and the other half or just one in paperback. Love this topic! I could write a whole paragraph going into ebooks...but I won't! haha!

  2. I am definetely a paperback gal, since I hate reading hardcovers, I do not really know what it is, but I just prefer paperbacks! Unless it is a book I really love like Harry Potter that I re-read over and over again. Or if it is a massive book like under the dome.

    AmandaEmma @ Little Miss Reader

  3. I hardly ever buy books. :( I would if I had money, though! When I do have enough to buy some, I always go paperback. Money sakes. If I was rich and famous I'd buy hardcover, because like you said, they do look fabulous.

  4. If I had more money, I would always buy the hardcover edition, so I only buy hardcover edition when I have a feeling that I will love a book to pieces. Sadly, I have made many mistakes and bought some hardcovers and I ended up not liking the books, so at the moment I only buy paperbacks.

    I do receive review copies and a lot of them are hardcovers so I am really grateful for them!

    Great post.

  5. I guess I don't really mind all that much, I have a huge mix of different types. It does bother me when half of a series are in paperback and the rest in hardback though, I like them to match. If it's a favorite series of mine, I'll for sure collect them in hardback. Fun topic!

  6. I mostly buy paperbacks because that means I can read and own 2 books for the price of a single hardcover. Buuut, I am obsessed with book covers, so if I can manage to wait until the paperback comes out I can sometimes find the hardcover on sale due to cover change reasons. I don't really mind if the series I own is all hardcover or paperback...as long as the covers match!


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