January 27, 2014

1000th Post, and Making Youtube Vids? Whaaa?

My 1000th post, YES, you are reading it right now!

I've been looking forward to writing this post for a while now, because 1000 posts it's just plain old ridiculous! I can hardly believe it! *happy dances*

Okay, now that that's out of my system. Next topic!

Youtube and the idea of making videos has been on mind a lot recently, and actually for quite a while now. I enjoy watching book hauls and TBR lists, and I find them to be much more fun than just posting pictures on my blog. I've always been nervous about making videos, simply because I would have to show my face and the quality of my old camera was CRAP!

(This is how I felt making yesterday's video...)

I've never really recorded, downloaded, edited, or posted a legit video on Youtube. For the same reason I didn't tell very many people about blogging and Turning Pages. (If you want to know why I kept blogging a secret from many of my friends and family, CLICK HERE).

But with finally exposing my blog to my boyfriend, and getting positive feedback from him, my family, and my good friend Audris at YA Bookmark, I decided to record my most recent book haul (with about forty or so books) and post it.

If you've seen it, I know, it ABSOLUTELY sucks, and I am SOOO boring! But it's my first video, what do you expect!?

Practice Makes Perfect...

I'll work on the lightening, on the edited, and all the other technicalities, over time. I'm sure I can find some tutorials online, through Google.

Wait, what other videos are you making, Lisa?

I plan to record both book hauls as well as TBR lists at the beginning of the month. While I do like the idea of making videos and getting the chance to talk to you face-to-face (my face-to-camera?) I would rather write my reviews.

I might be making different types of videos later down the road, but for now TBR lists and book hauls are enough. But if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them!

I hope to become more comfortable to talking the camera, and let my personality shine through; instead of putting you to sleep!

Do you make Youtube videos? Leave your link below, I want to check out your channel!


  1. Yays for Youtube!! I'm still sooo nervous making videos but they're fun!!! Good luck with your endeavor :)


  2. That sounds really cool!! I confess, I'm terrified of the camera. Video or not. ;) It's just...eep. Scary. XD But I do like seeing other bloggers on camera! It's like *meeting* you. (Okay, that definitely sounded weird, but hopefully you know what I mean.) Can't wait for this!

  3. Congrats to your 1000th post!

    I wish I wasn't so shy because I would love to film my book hauls instead of writing a post. As you said, it's more fun to watch book hauls and other bookish videos on Youtube, but I am way too shy and English is not my mother tongue and that's why making videos isn't an option for me.

    But I will be checking out yours of course!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is awesome! Congrats! I don't make youtube videos yet. I just started taking my blog serious this year so hopefully soon I will slow build to videos. Plus, I'm not sure I have enough courage to put a video out there for the entire world to see. Even if it is about books! Thanks for sharing this accomplishment with us!


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