November 19, 2013

Goodreads Choice Awards: Final Round!

Welcome to Turning Pages!


It's time for the final round! And there are only six days left to make your decisions and get your votes in! 

The Voting Schedule:

Opening Round - Nov. 4 - 9
Semifinal Round - Nov. 11 - 16
Final Round - Nov. 18 - 25

The sections you'll find me voting in are Debut Author, YA Fantasy and Science Fiction, and YA Fiction! There are many good books on each list and if you've already taken the time to vote, you know just how hard it is to pick!

If you haven't voted yet, stop by, browse and pick your favorite books for this year!

Goodreads Choice Awards

If you have voted feel free to comment down below with your choices for each category!

1 comment:

  1. It was a real toss up in the YA sci-fi section..gaaah! Too many good books! I ended up voting for Scarlet. :) I was totally blown away with its awesomeness. I'd even say it was better then Cinder (and that was a 5-star read too).


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