March 18, 2012

What's Coming This Week #28


Loss (Riders of the Apocalypse #3)


The Divide (The Secret Circle, #4)A Temptation of Angels


  1. I'm super excited for A Temptation of Angels!

  2. Yay for A Temptation of Angels! I have that one on my shelf right now too, and its tempting me with how gorgeous it looks & sounds on my shelf. x) And oh my gosh, I'm really excited to read the Divide because I have no idea where LJS is going to take the story! :)

    Awesome mailbox this week, Lisa! I hope you enjoy them all!

  3. WHY DID THEY HAVE TO CONTINUE THE SECRET CIRCLE!? I was so happy with the way the third book ended. I still have to read Rage, but Loss sounds excellent. And I'm not a big fan of Michelle Zink so I'm not very excited about her new book, but I hope it's amazing for you.

    Have an amazing reading week!


  4. I'm dying to read A TEMPTATION OF ANGELS and definitely plan to read the SECRET CIRCLE series sometime soon as well (love the tv show!). :)

    Have a lovely week,
    Fictional Distraction


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