July 30, 2011

Gone For The Weekend!

My agenda is filled with book signings that I plan on going to, the first on is this weekend (Sunday) in Lynnwood WA. Kimberly Derting, Lisa Schroeder, Cat Patrick, Mandy Hubbard and a few others are all going to be there!

I can't wait to get my books signed, get tons of swag, and maybe even a extra book or two, so I can host a awesome giveaway for you guys!:D

But since Lynnwood isn't too close to home, my dad decided to take this opportunity to make it a trip; we're camping. My dad's in the military, and is deploying again this December, for I think the seventh time. He takes any chance he can get to do something special with us, and plus he's a huge help getting all my books signed and standing in line for me while I stand in another one(:

I already have blog posts scheduled on here, so that it automatically posts them, well I hope, I've never done this before! This post, and my IMM are automatically scheduled. When I come back I'll show you guys some pictures, the stuff I received and a possible giveaway(:

Have a awesome weekend!:D

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