April 12, 2014

Spring/Summer Reads...That I'm Dying To Read This Summer!

With the sun shining so bright today, and being outside and huddled in The Museum of Intangible Things, by Wendy Wunder, I realized just how excited I am for this summer!

To be done with my first year of college, to be able to sit outside in the sun without freezing my butt off, and to be able to do nothing but lounge outside, and read a good romance book or two. There's nothing better than tanning and reading contemporary YA...! Unless you have the option to do it at the beach, then yes, that IS better!

With these past three years of blogging, I've collected so many AMAZING summer, romance reads, but just haven't gotten the chance to get around to them. If it's because of review books needing to be read first, or because I'm been in winter hibernation for eight months of the year, doesn't matter.

Summer of 2014, will be catch up for me! I'll be digging all of those contemporary YA books out from the back of my bookshelf, and will indulge myself in them!

While I do have a lot sitting on my shelf, there are also a few that I hope to pick up in the weeks of summer to come. I spent winter months completely jealous of whoever had gotten the chance to read them before me, but now that's warm out and I'm in this mood, I can finally get to them myself!

So just to give you a small taste of what I mean...

Books I Have:

MoonglassThe Juliet SpellTemptation (Temptation, #1)One Day

All I NeedJust One Day (Just One Day, #1)Just One Year (Just One Day, #2)

*Sadly this isn't even all of it....its not even half...its not even half of the half. I love buying YA romance/contemporary, ALL THE TIME, but I only like reading them in the summer....UGH the struggles!*

Books I Want:

On the FenceThe Promise of AmazingTo All the Boys I've Loved Before (To All the Boys I've Loved Before, #1)Far From You

*And SO many more!! How can I resist these any longer?!*

While I am excited to see friends who are coming home from college, bonfires, camping, theme park vacation, sunburns and it being warm-ish (it doesn't get too hot here), the thing I'm looking forward to the most is reading. Lazy day reading.

You still have a few months to decide but what do you plan on doing/reading in the summer?


  1. I love summer and I absolutely love sitting outside in the sun reading in the summer. It's my favourite thing ever! I really enjoyed the Just One Day... a lot of people didn't. But I loved it. I hope you also end up enjoying it. I think my most anticipated read this summer is "What I Thought I Knew" by Huntley Fitzpatrick.

    Great post!

    ~Sara @ Just Another Story

  2. Whoops!!! Make that "What I Thought Was True".... silly me.

    1. Hahaha, I know a lot of people felt a little "bleh" about it. But I'm excited to pick up a Gayle Forman book! I own four and haven't read a single one...I'm a horrible person.


  3. I want to read To All the Boys I've loved before too. It sounds great.

    I will hopefully read some summery books soon too! Great post.

    1. Thank you! And I know the weather is so good out, that it makes me want to read books about summer and love! I hope you get the chance to pick up All The Boys I've Loved Before! AND enjoy it! (:



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