April 08, 2014

Book Review & Author Interview: Peacemaker

PeacemakerTitle: Peacemaker.
Author: Marianne de Pierres.
Series: No.
Pages: 416.
Source: Netgalley, for Review.
Publisher: Angry Robot.
Published Date: 4/29/14.
Book Depository.


"When an imaginary animal from her troubled teenage years reappears, Virgin takes it to mean one of two things: a breakdown (hers!) or a warning. Dead bodies start piling up around her, so she decides on the latter. Something terrible is about to happen in the park and Virgin and her new partner, U.S. Marshall Nate Sixkiller, are standing in its path...

Virgin Jackson is the senior ranger in Birrimun Park - the world's last natural landscape, overshadowed though it is by a sprawling coastal megacity. She maintains public safety and order in the park, but her bosses have brought out a hotshot cowboy to help her catch some drug runners who are affecting tourism. She senses the company is holding something back from her, and she's not keen on working with an outsider like Nate Sixkiller."

My Thoughts:

*Thank you Netgalley, Angry Robot and Marianne for allowing me to read and review Peacemaker!*

Marianne has been a good friend of mine for a few years now, maybe three? She is one of the nicest people you will ever meet, and is an amazing friend! I read and LOVED her Burn Bright trilogy, so when she asked if I would read and review Peacemaker, her newest release, there was no way in HECK I would turn down the offer.

First off, can we talk about this cover? Does it not shout butt kicking, action packed, and totally intense? This cover has everything I look for! It's something different, and actually contains elements from the story! And how COOL is that eagle?

Peacemaker is one of those books you can never put done, literally, because something is happening ALL the time. There is no slow moment, and every time I come to the end of one chapter, my curiosity gets the best of me, and I'm FORCED to read another chapter.

I don't know how Virgin lives her life, she always has something going on, and never just spends a lazy day at home...pretty much the OPPOSITE of my life...I'm so ashamed.

Peacemaker is filled with boyfriend strippers, a cowboy from Virginia, park rangers, undercover spies, aliens, murders, gangs, jumpings, fights, shootings....and I think that pretty much covers it.

Peacemaker was nothing like Marianne de Pierres's Burn Bright trilogy, but in no way was it less mind blowing, intriguing, and AWESOME!

Peacemaker is released on April 29, so I (HIGHLY) recommend picking up your very own copy and reading it ASAP!

There is just way too much ahhh-some-ness happening in the this book, and Virgin has to deal with so many incredible strange things, to not read it right away!!!

Author Interview:

Marianne, can you tell us a little about yourself and your book Peacemaker?

I’ve been writing for about 15-20 years and my first novel was released back in 2004. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to publish close to a novel a year. It’s been a wonderful journey which had given me a strong sense of achievement. Not from any kind of perceived success, but more from the fact that I’ve consistently written the kind of stories I’ve wanted to.

Why did you decided to write about park rangers? Were you ever a park ranger?

No, but it always sounded like a cool job. Rangers get to run around in the fresh air, protect the public from wild critters and preserve nature. That’s how it goes doesn’t it? J Seriously though, I’m not sure why that idea came to me. I think I wanted the main character to have a job with rules that supported a strong value/belief system, and the ranger concept fitted in with that idea.

Are any of your characters based on real people you know?

I guess most of my female protagonists have a little of me in them, but certainly not enough to say that they are based on my character - glimpses of me would best describe it. Aside from that, they are mostly invented, though Caro Jenae (see attached sketch by artist Brigitte Sutherland) is probably a combination of several of my friends. It just might be that I’ve met a Hamish as well J

What were some of the challenges you faced when writing/publishing Peacemaker? Do you have any advice, for aspiring authors?

When you blend genres the way I have in Peacemaker, there’s always a danger you will completely mess it up and annoy the hell out of readers. You walk a tightrope that requires good balance. For instance, the crime elements are quite strong in this novel and the fantastical elements are slow to surface. That will likely bother some people and others will like it. It’s had to write this kind of story and please everyone.

My advice to writers is best found on my website.

Will we be hearing more from Virgin? Do you have more books in the works?

Yes, I’m writing the sequel now and it’s tentatively called Dealbreaker. Things get a lot weirder in it as Virgin learns about the alternate world threatening her own. I’m not sure what will happen after book 2. I guess a lot depends on how it’s received and where I’m at. I have a few projects I’m keen to finish. You can check out what my works in progress are over here. Pharmakon is one that I’m particularly dying to write!

Thank you so much for stopping by Marianne!


  1. You're friends with the author? How cool is that. Jealous now.

    Great review. Definitely curious about this book now and I will check it out.

    1. When I started blogging and writing reviews for her...I had no idea she was even an author...opps. Until she asked me to read her Burn Bright trilogy. I couldn't believe it! Anyways, she's really nice, and if you ever get the chance you should go and meet her!


  2. This type of books don't usually pique my interest, but maybe I will try it out since you like it so much :D Park ranger sounds like a pretty cool job, though I will admit I don't know much about it. I like the crime + conspiracy elements here, so perhaps I will like it? We will see :)

    Angel @ Spare Reads

    1. Peacemaker is definitely a "out there" book. There are so many crazy and random elements in it, that nothing is ever boring. When reading this book, you should expect anything and EVERYTHING to happen! I'm excited to get my hands on the second installment!



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