April 21, 2014

Reading Scary Books At Night? Not Me!

Don't get me wrong, I love watching scary movies and being scared just as much as the next chick. Maybe even a little bit more! I don't know why or what it is about scary movies or books that completely sucker me in. I mean who would want to be scared for fun?

...Well ME!

I can easily admit that romance/contemporary books are my favorite genre, especially for the summer time, when I do nothing but lounge around outside in the sun. Summer just puts me into this mood where I only want to read about love, family and friendship. But scary and horror books are right behind contemporary!

When will you be catching me reading a good horror story? Well, NEVER EVER under my blanket with nothing but a flashlight on. It doesn't matter how much I'm enjoying the story, or how badly I want to know what happens next, I can't get myself to read a scary book at night!

No, I'm not afraid of the dark, and no, I don't get nightmares anymore (except for the occasional one or two, but we all get those, right?.....RIGHT?!).

I don't really know why, but I do have a theory or two.

When I was just a WEEE little Lisa, I had the biggest fear of the night and the dark. It didn't matter if I needed water or had to use the restroom in the middle of the night, I was much too afraid to get up and go. If I couldn't hold it anymore, or if my throat was drier than a desert, I would run to the light switch in my room, and from there on turn on all the lights to the kitchen. Of course doing the same thing on my way back, to switch them off.

Besides my massive fear of the dark, or more likely what might have been lurking in it. I would get nightmares from almost anything. I had nightmares from watching Scooby Doo, from watching the news, from  watching Beauty in the Beast, and almost any other silly thing you can imagine.

I, of course, (*cough cough*) am not afraid of any of these things anymore, but I remember what it felt like laying in bed all night, sweating (but not wanting to take the blanket off in case something from underneath the bed were to grab me) and watching the door all night making sure nothing snuck in to get me. But I TRULY believe that this is the main reason as to why I don't read scary books at night, or watch scary movies by myself.

I would much rather read them in the morning time, or throughout the day, so that way I'll be able to forget about it before I decided to finally crawl into bed for the night..

I know that might sound a little crazy, but when do YOU ready scary books? Do you read them at all?


  1. I always end up reading scary books at night, not on purpose but I guess that's just when I have the most time to read. This has caused me a nightmare or two, so I'm trying to get better about what kind of books I read before bed.

    Amanda @ Born Bookish

    1. I end up reading them in the morning time instead, that way I can go the whole day, and forget about it by the time I go to bed. I usually crack open a different book to read before bed! (:


  2. Great post. I almost always read at night, because that's when my daughters are asleep and I can finally have some time to myself. But I don't read too many scary books because it's not a genre I'm really into, but sometimes I have read those kind of books too, and I admit that I was sometimes scared, especially since it's at nighttime when I read.

    1. And when I'm home by myself! I am just the biggest scardy cat, and I'm not afraid to admit to it. I would rather read something light, and fun, and nothing that doesn't scare me at night!



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