February 09, 2014

It's SNOWING! I feel like Elsa and Anna!

Can you believe the Pacific Northwest almost went through an entire Winter, without any snow!? And then last minute, in February it decides to snow like heck?

Two years ago, if you were following me then, you might remember I was out of power three days because of a MASSIVE snow and ice storm. Spending those three days holed up in my FREEZING cold house, with almost no food...(one of the worst weekends of my life).

Thank goodness we ordered pizza, I don't know how that pizza guy was able to drive up this extremely steep hill in front of our house, and I still feel horrible, because we didn't even have enough cash to give him a tip...

(We ate pizza the next two days, reheating it over a candle...)

(I have a hard time talking about it...)

While this time it isn't so bad, because obviously I'm sitting here right now, on the internet, and typing this up, it still is really cold!! And after going to bed last night, I was worried I woke up to a frozen house, with no power, and reliving that horrible weekend...

I think its about an inch or two of snow, so it isn't too much. But I'll have to get Sven out of the garage, and go build myself an Olaf! After that I'll come in, change out of my wet clothes, heat up some hot chocolate, and cuddle myself up with a good book!

What do you do on a snow day? Have you ever been out of power for a really long time?


  1. Well considering I live in Florida where it has only snowed approximately 3 times ever, I haven't ever seen snow in person! Yes, I know it gets gross after its been driven over etc, but to just see it all crystal like the day it snows would be magical. One day, I shall see snow! Adorable post :)

  2. Where do you live? We didn't have any snow at all, here in Germany (at least where I live - south west of Germany). But I think there will be snow soon. Last year, it snowed until April:( I don't like winters even though my birthday's in February.

  3. I just moved to the Pacific Northwest a few weeks ago from Southeast, and the first thing anybody said to us was that it never snows! Then this weekend we had 6 inches! Totally sang Frozen songs nonstop for three days straight!


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