April 27, 2011

Whats New Wednesday #6: Twisted

Twisted, by Sara Shepard.

"It’s been a year since Alison DiLaurentis disappeared from Aria , Hanna , Spencer and Emily’s lives , but someone is keeping her spirit alive. Someone who knows all the dark , terrible things these Pretty Little Liars have done in the last few months. Someone who will stop at nothing to make them pay…"

OMG! When I saw that there was going to be a ninth book, I was jumping out of my bootys!:D
I loved this series (I know, I don't have of their reviews up! But I plan on rereading the whole series soon, and writing reviews for them!), it's one of my favorites!
It doesn't come out til July 5, 2011 (UGHH! Can't wait that long!), but this does give me time to reread the other eight and make sure I don't forget any of those JUICY details!:D
This book is definitely on my wish list(:
What's new with you this Wednesday?

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