April 24, 2011

Everything That Happened This Week: April 18-24

This week went by SUPER quick! And the weekends, aren't long enough anymore:/
I really liked the idea of summing up everything I posted about for the past week; giving those lonely posts, that didn't receive a comment, another shot!:D
*Comments are very much appreciated*

Monday, April 18.

The week started out really slow due to Battle of the Books, I entered myself in (thank goodness that's over with! p.s. we won!:D). I had to cram books in, that where on the required reading list, meaning I didn't have time to read my own:/

Tuesday, April 19.

I'm such a little tease(; On Tuesday, I posted my fourth Teaser Tuesday, featuring the first book in the Vampire Kisses Series, Vampire Kisses by Ellen Schreiber. This post also slightly mentions my 50 follower giveaway, and a book signing with Kimberly Derting (author of The Body Finder and The Desires of the Dead).

Wednesday, April 20.

I didn't post my What's New Wednesday #5, but let's say I did:D It featured the second book to The Lying game by Sara Shepard, Never Would I Ever. But sadly, it doesn't come out til around August (major sadface!).

Thursday, April 21.

WTB (What The Book) #4, took place Thursday instead of Friday. I wasn't really sure if I had time to do it on Friday, since I was painting eggs, and getting things ready for Easter. WTB, featured my recently finished book Marcelo in the Real World, by Stork and the book I started, The Body Finder by Derting. That's a meme hosted by ME, so check it out!:D

Friday, April 22.

On Friday, I blogged about my new layout *glances left and right*, just to show it off a bit. I would love to hear you opinions on it and if you have any improvements I could make, check that out, and comment:D

Saturday, April 23.

Not only did I have ONE fabulous post, but I had TWO!:D
1. The Body Finder Review, on Thursday I mentioned this in my WTB; hoping and praying that this book wouldn't let me down! *Note, which it didn't! If you want to see what I thought about it, just go check out my review!(:
2. The second thing I blogged (blogging is a addiction, by the way!)about was this week's IMM. I received five books, and lots of comments from you guys!:D Yaaay, that makes me really happy! This post was a HUGE success, and I'll try and get those reviews out ASAP(:

Sunday, April 24 (a.k.a. today)

I posted this, Everything That Happened This Week Post (obviously), but I also wished you guys a very Happy Easter(:

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